Thursday, December 11, 2014


I have faith in the good this world has to offer. The positivity, the learning, the love, the good people. I have faith in a higher power of goodness. I refuse to give up hope and faith even if hate, war and terror is spreading all over the world. If i turn my back on goodness, if i give up, i give up on every good person that has touch the surface of this earth. I won't give up on Jesus, Ghandi, Mlk, Malcom X, JFK, Lincoln, Lennon, 2Pac, Curtis Jackson, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Buddha, my Father, my Mother, all the people in the underground that believe and do good every day, my Kick Boxing teacher Sylvain, Freddie, my friends all over the city. There's strong evil temptations all over the world, all over the Universe, and i refuse to quit on love just because i'm scare to suffer. Fuck fear! Courage over fear all day! If i can do something good with my life, even if it has a tiny impact, i'd rather do it than do nothing. If my beats inspire positivity to one person in this world, than i did my job. I would be a lier to say that i don't have dreams and ambitions, but dreams and ambitions are second to the Faith i have in the positivity that music can bring to this world. I'll leave you guys with two questions, do you have faith in something? And how could you describe that faith that you have?


  1. Thank you for making this music Steve. It is beautiful! 'Faith' will be the new track that I play when stretching. I also agree with your philosophies, they're really nice. And thank you for providing me with those 2 thought provoking questions.

    Keep making the music my friend. You're making the world a more positive place!

    1. Thank you Ben! I'll see you on Skype next week! I'll inform Freddie to see if he's also available.

    2. Great idea. Hopefully Freddie and/or others might join. It's been ages since we all got together to have a good chat!

  2. Dang Steve, this track is amazing, I love this one! Man keep up the good work! Keep up the positivity, it is an inspiration to me!


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