Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Interesting topic that has been brought up on my blog, modern day internet technology has changed this world in many ways.  Now pornography is assessable by anyone in an instant.  Our desire towards pornography is due to cultural sexual repression.  If this culture were not sexually repressed, there would be no need for pornography.  Making love to those we are attracted to would just be a part of our everyday existence. 

Imagine going to the gym and then people are making love while you workout, imagine going to the office and people are making love while you are working on your computer.  Imagine being on the bus and people are making love while you are sitting in the bus.  Imagine eating at a restaurant and people are making love while you are eating your food.  If making love was not unlawful and people had the freedom to make love wherever and whenever they chose, the world would be different. 

The world would be different if it was normal for men and women to walk around completely naked.  Animals do not use the Internet, animals do not watch pornography, animals have sex when they want to have sex and then they go on about their business.  Our sexually repressed society has created pornography and now it is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Something that we should be doing for free has been turned into a way of mass profit. 

If we were not sexually repressed, we would just meet people we are attracted to and just make love right there on the spot, not holding anything back, but we don’t live in such a world, so we have turned something that is supposed to be natural and free into a fantasy of which we pay to watch being acted out. 

Pornography is essentially a fantasy.  It is watching others live out a fantasy, to live out something that does not exist.  The appeal is the fantasy.  The appeal is something that is unattainable.  The appeal is believing that women will never get old, never run out of energy, always be in the mood, always looking perfect, never smelling disgusting, always willing to do whatever we want them to do.  The appeal towards watching pornography is not too different than our appeal to watch Hollywood movies, anytime we watch pornography or a Hollywood movie, we are attempting to take ourselves away from where we are right now and to step into a fantasy world that does not exist. 

The problem is if we actually believe that this fantasy world exists, we are deceiving ourselves from the true reality.  Pornography is choosing the fake flowers over the real flowers.  The real flowers is real life, the real flowers is the real woman right before your eyes.  The fake flowers is the pornography, the image, the video, the pictures, that do not exist, but appear to be “perfect.” 

Many actually prefer the fake over the real, just like many will have fake Christmas trees in their home, very few people will have a real Christmas tree in their home.  Some men will actually prefer to watch pornography rather than to be with a real woman.  The girls in the videos will never nag the way a real woman will nag.  The girls in the videos will never get jealous and possessive the way a real woman will get jealous and possessive. 

Through time and cultural training, the masses of men may actually prefer to masturbate to porn for the rest of their lives instead of being with a real woman.  Masses of men who consciously choose to masturbate to porn instead of being with a real woman is not too different than masses of monks who choose to be celibate for the rest of their lives because of religious reasons.  It makes no difference to the government whether the men are in jail with no women, whether the men become monks and have no women, or whether the men decide to masturbate the porn instead of being with real women, either way the objective is fulfilled, the objective is population control. 

The government cannot promote the men in this world to have lots of sex with real women, it will create too many children in an already over populated world.  So what is the solution?  Well it is not that easy to convince men to give up sex for religious reasons, it is easier to get the men to become addicted to pornography to the point where they themselves will consciously choose to watch porn instead of being with a real woman.  By getting the entire population of men to be addicted to porn, the government fulfills multiple objectives.  One is population control and another is being able to profit from something that essentially is supposed to be free. 

Sex and making love is supposed to be free, but the government has found a way to make money from sex.  Just like love has nothing to do with marriage, but the government has made us believe that you cannot be in love without marriage, with this, they have been able to profit much from marriage. 

You have lonely men working minimum wage jobs for 50 hours of their life, only to pay a stripper $500 for a 1 hour lap dance, which was supposed to be free between two people who are attracted to one another.  The lonely man spends 50 hours of his time in exchange for only 1 hour of the stripper’s time, what a business arrangement!  And the government even gets to step in between to tax the stripper on her money earned.  The government makes no money from two human beings who are in true love. 

Two human beings in true love have no need for a wedding, no need for marriage, no need for a wedding ring, no need for tuxedos, no need for wedding dresses, no need for limos, no need for wedding photos, no need for anything associated with profiting from love.  Real love cannot be exploited, real love cannot be taxed, real love comes natural.  The government does not want real love, real love does not stimulate the economy. 

Imagine paying $500 for hug, that is essentially what is going on, hugs are supposed to be for free between loving individuals, but the culture has trained us to pay for hugs.  Rather than paying a stripper $500 an hour for hugging you, simply find a woman that is attracted to you and hug her all day long, now you don’t have to go to work anymore! 

I understand paying for food and shelter but paying for hugs!  Paying for sex!  Paying for love!  No!  Hugs, sex, and love should never be paid for.  If you pay for these things, there is seriously something wrong with your way of living and the way you view this world. 

We will never live in a world where sex will be expressed freely and because of that pornography will always be an appeal.  Pornography is basically a woman letting you into her private life, she exposes her private life for profit, rather than exposing it for love, she exposes it for profit. 

Pornography can be used as a way to exercise your sexual energies.  Pornography can be used as a way to enhance your intimate relations.  Pornography in a way can be seen as a sharing of energies.  Pornography can prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Pornography can prevent the spread of HIV and other STD’s.  Pornography can be used as a way to decreasing violence in this world, as built up sexual frustration is the cause of violent behavior.  Pornography can be used as a way to bring peace and happiness from disabled men and the lonely men of this world who may have no chances of getting intimate with real women.  Pornography can be used as a way of saving money rather than paying out thousands for a stripper or prostitute. 

I see sex as two individuals engaging in intimacy which is very beautiful and positive and this energy should be shared with the world, it is the opposite energy of violent behavior, it is like a very active energetic hug.  Being inside of a woman is showing how you deeply desire to be one with a woman; a man being one with a woman of whom he loves is a very beautiful thing.

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  1. Interesting that you see the advantage of pornography. It makes sense. A point that I never brought up is that porn is appealing to us because we have been sexually repressed. Otherwise there would be no need for porn.


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