Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Problems With Casual Sex

The Problems With Casual Sex

I promote healthy sexual expression.  But inevitably I see that there are potential problems with casual sex.  We have been conditioned to be attached.  We have been conditioned to believe in private property.  We have been conditioned to be selfish.  Contraceptives lower the risk of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies, but there is no scientific technology that prevents the natural psychological and physiological attachment that comes with the expression of the sexual act.  When we share our bodies with others in intimate ways, it is natural for us to be attached. 

Sex is a natural drug.  It is like a drug addiction that can occur when you become intimate with another.  Once the addiction starts and if the supply is taken away, in this case your partner refuses to continue having sex with you, you will end up going through a withdraw, similar to the symptoms of a drug withdraw. 

It is best never to get involved with taking drugs, once addicted it will be very difficult to stop and it can bring great depression.  The same can be the problem with the addiction to sex.  A person may think that they will not be attached, but then they end up being attached.  A person may think that they will not suffer emotional pain but then they end up suffering emotional pain.  This is something that we cannot consciously control because of our conditionings. 

Meditation can train you to be free from these conditionings but most of the people in this world lack meditativeness.  Mostly everyone will suffer from psychological and emotional damage.  This pain will be so great that it will inevitably damage the friendship established.  Because of the conditioning of society, in most cases, casual sex can never be casual, nature has intended for certain chemical responses to be released when engaged in intimacy with another, these chemicals cannot be consciously controlled, they happen without your control. 

For this reason, I see that it is best to not have causal sex but to rather develop real loving relations based on mutual attraction.  The act of sex should always be meaningful, I feel that nature intended for the act of sex to be the absolute most meaningful.  We do not just allow anybody into our homes, nor should we be too comfortable in becoming intimate with just anyone.  Those we choose to become intimate with should be carefully selected.  If carefully selected, it will greatly decrease the chances of unnecessary pain and suffering. 

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