Saturday, December 6, 2014


Physical intimacy is a form of soft exercise that happens in privacy with your partner.  Hard exercise such as calisthenics, weight training, and cardio endurance training typically occurs at the gym, outdoors, or in your home by yourself or with others around engaging within the same activity.  Soft exercise, sexercise is something that happens in private, usually in your bedroom.  Both methods of exercise create a good balance.  The hard exercise creates energy that needs to be released within the soft exercise. 

Without the soft exercise, there can be too much energy accumulated with hard exercise that can lead towards health complications, unhealthy competitiveness, and even violence.  The soft exercise brings a man back to balance and peace.  No desire to compete and win but just a feeling of relaxation and ease, a let go experience.  Soft exercise is also more naturally meditative. 

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  1. Lol. Sexercise is the best workout routine ever. As for me, maybe I should not make myself feel so guilty for watching porn so much.


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