Monday, December 29, 2014

The Matrix System

I haven't blogged in awhile but I just want to share my thoughts on agents, negativity and the matrix. I was making videos about it, but I been disturbed several times. So I deleted those videos and decided to post my thoughts on here. I may be disturbed while posting/writing this out.

For those that seen the matrix you all may know what I'm talking about referring too.

What is the matrix, well it is like a computer simulated world that we live in. well that is just a metaphor to describe "reality" (this reality that we live in). This world (reality) is like a computer simulated world (so it's like we are living in a computer screen), because in a computer there are codes or informations that we are surrounded by, but are not aware of it. We are not aware of it, because of the state of mind that most of us are in at the moment (which is beta brainwave). This world is made up of energy (not matter, well matter and energy are the same) which equates to informations which is essentially consciousness. This world/reality is consciousness! Science has proven that. We can manipulate this reality, by programming it. Like programming computers, which is why I said reality is like a computer (because we can program things for things to happen/ things can manifest within. With that being said, we are the co-creator of this reality. Without us, the matrix wouldn't exist and without the matrix we wouldn't exist. Same with the ego, without the ego, we wouldn't exist as well as the matrix, and so vice versa. We can't really eliminate the ego or "let it go" but we can control it, or become a master of it. Yes the ego is something that we should not let it control us, or something that we shouldn't serve. We should be authentic by connect with our inner self.

So anyway... The matrix is like a double slit experiment (go check that out, if you haven't seen it), so meaning that there needs to be an observer for something to occur. In relation to the matrix there needs to be us (we are the observer) for the matrix to exist.

About god and satan, people that worship satan (people that are doing these satanic rituals) are worshiping(serving) the negative side of the matrix and people that worship "god" (I don't really like to use that word) are worshipping (serving) the positive side( or just the other side) of the matrix. So god and/or satan is a metaphor for the matrix. People that serve the matrix will reincarnate (negatively/positively), and so they stay in this matrix or this reality. (they don't leave this matrix) (if you watch the Movie the Matrix, you'll see that the agent was trying to leave the matrix)..

People that are in between so are not worshipping, are the people that don't reincarnate and so leave the matrix. ( They ascend like Jesus and Budda for example). They are the people that walked the right path. These people are the people that have a higher frequency or have a raising vibration (at a high vibrational state) or expanded consciousness. Again that is a metaphor for chakras activating/sspinning and also it's a metaphor for people that are so happy and that achieved the highest level of consciousness (this can be done through meditation), that they become loving, peaceful, and compassionate. Again like buddha and Jesus, which they happened to promote love, peace and compassion.

Then there are the agents (like in the movie The Matrix), The agents are again a metaphor for people that are negative, at a lower frequency or vibrational state, low consciousness, ignorant, douchy, asshole, jerks, bullies etc. The agents are people that let their ego control them. When an individual has raised their vibration(I'm just gonna stick to one metaphor), negativity will come into their life, via the matrix sending agents to come and attack (lower vibration of) the individual (that raised their vibration). If that agent succeeded the individual will have their vibration lowered (so they will feel pissed, angry, depressed, sad etc.). I think most of you guys may experienced something like this, where everything may seem okay (so your day is perfectly fine), and so you're in a state of happiness and peacefulness, then suddenly some random person starts to attack you (verbally). That negative person tries to pick a fight with you for no reason, and just trying to lower your vibration. Well that is the matrix's "agent". This is the matrix's response to your high vibrational state.

I remembered after 10 min of meditation I was feeling energized, calm (peaceful), and happy (in a loving and compassionate way), and I decided to go for a walk. For no reason a group of people were attacking me racially (they were being racist). Of course I ignored them but after they were out of my sight I keep thinking about them. This eventually made me felt angry/pissed off, therefore lowering my vibration. (this is a personal example)

One more examples, we have people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and others who were peaceful, loving and compassionate individuals. These people were at a high vibrational state. The matrix sent "agents" which were I believe the people in power, to attack them, or suppressed them in a way that lowers their vibration. They all got assassinated too.

I see that the matrix is programmed in a way to manifest negativity, which we may programmed the matrix to be that way. The matrix is there for us, to experience and learn from (learn about this reality, and obtain informations (because this reality is full of informations)). It's not really there for us to reincarnate and stay here forever. The purpose of our being in this reality is to realize that be create this reality. Therefore we can reprogram this matrix to manifest positivity. We can all be in a high vibrational state, but we just have to realize and understand this matrix system, also we need to love each other and have compassion for one another. This is also expanding our consciousness.

By leading people or going towards love will influence the matrix positively. On the other hand by going towards fear, it will have a negative influence on the matrix. It all really comes down to two path. Fear or Love. It's not really about good or evil. Though you may say good is love and evil is fear. So expanding our consciousness is heading towards love. Fear is not expanding our consciousness, in fact the reason why some of our consciousness is not expanding is because of fear. Fear is blocking it. Let go of fear and you will be drawn towards love.

Love each other and so we can reprogram this matrix in a positive way. If one person starts walking the path of love, then that will create a trend or chain or I guess you could say make a domino fall (which will cause other dominos to fall also), and so it will have an influence on others, which they may be inspired to follow the path as well.

The key to realizing this matrix system (accessing the matrix) and become drawn to love is MEDITATION!

I was gonna talk about why society (specifically people in power) suppressed meditation but I think you all can figure that out.

Another thing is if you watch Lucy the movie you can see how that movie relates to some of the things  I said. How this world is full of energy which equates to informations. The way I viewed it was, like she had her third eye opened, and so she was able to see beyond the physical which normal humans cannot see with the naked eye. But the main idea I want to express is that when you are in a meditative state (always in that state) you become more aware of the informations or codes of information (like on a computer) in your surrounding (in fact mediative state = awareness/mindfulness). An example of this personally is that when I  became aware of things, I noticed every time on a digital clock (so on my phone, watch and laptop) that the time was always (whenever I looked at my watch), 1:11 am/pm and 11:11am/pm. According to the research I've done, 1:11 or 11:11 or just 111 means that I'm on the right path (spiritually). Also when I do my studied on calculus and chemistry, I noticed that the answers I get for my calculations would result in 11.1, 1.11 or 0.111 (any units like kg,m,ph,m/s, cm... etc).

That's all I have to say about it. I know Many of you guys think this is all BS, but whatever. That's how I view this world now. My views may change over time, but for now this is it. I wouldn't be surprised if I get negativity.

[By the way, the reason why I wasn't able to share this information in the first place through making a video(like I said, how I was being disturbed several times), is because the matrix doesn't want me to share this Lol]


  1. Great post! I loved it! Very deep reflections, I'm very thankful you decided to share this one on the blog.

  2. Fantastic blog! I recently watched The Matrix for the first time and I loved it. I think it's amazing how closely Eastern philosophies relate to modern physics/science concerning the the universe and the analogy you made about individuals programming the Matrix. Buddha said "With our minds, we make the world", for example.

    Thanks for writing this blog. It's appreciated.


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