Saturday, December 27, 2014


Well i was suppose to meet this girl, but not anymore she pissed me off. My friend told her about me, basically trying to hook us up. He told her about i can do splits i guess it came up in their conversation. So she automatically assumed i was gay or had a small you know what. He told me all this and i told him that she's a ignorant bitch lol i was so furious why do dumb fucks say shit like this. Im tired about people saying im gay or have a little dick, or small balls just because i can do the splits. The bad part its mostly women who tell me this some guys joke about it but mostly women.


  1. Doesn't sound like a friend to me, sounds like an enemy in disguise. Beware. I've dealt with this many times in the past, you have these people what act like friends but they are very jealous inside. Anytime you have a chance with a woman, they'll seek to destroy your opportunity because they are jealous. Even if they have a woman themselves, they will still do the same, they either want more for themselves or they always want to have something that you don't have, they want to stay one up ahead of you. They want to make it seem they are for you but they are really against you. They will use you as a pawn. They will go up to women and talk to them by using you as an excuse, they will say "I will hook you up." They are only saying this because they are afraid to approach a woman and speak to them without using someone as an excuse, it's always easier talking to woman when you are talking to them about someone else, but really they are trying to get with the woman themselves while using you as a pawn. Getting with woman is like, getting money, you can never have enough. Just because your friend has a girlfriend it does not mean you are safe from this sort of destructive jealousy. Also they have fear that once you find a lady that loves you, you will leave them behind, they will have nobody to hangout with anymore, they will be alone, this brings fear to them, so they want you to remain single and lonely so that you stay dependent on their company. They want to have a lady for themselves and a guy friend to hangout with on the side, they don't want you to have your own woman and your own life, they want to keep you on the side so they always have someone to hang out with when their woman is busy, they want you to be like a pet. Inside they are happy when you don't have a lady. Never depend on another man to "hook you up" you need to gather up the courage to speak to a lady yourself and hook yourself up. If you have a female friend, then maybe she can help hook you up, but you can never trust a man. This is the type of "friend" that will sleep with your lady if you happen to be out of town and probably get her pregnant too. The most dangerous enemy that you can ever have, is the enemy that you believe is your friend. Once you identify an enemy in disguise, you can keep this information to yourself and then start using this enemy as a pawn yourself, now you are in control. You can use him for his company to seek for women, but once you find one, drop him.


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