Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I always liked winter. It's beautiful and the activities that you can do in the winter are awesome. The fact that i'm born in the winter season might have had an influence on me liking it. December is my favorite month of the year by far. All the family reunion, the exchange of gifts etc... I know that everyday should be a holiday and that every day is a fine day to make gifts, but i just like the tradition. I wish ya'll a happy winter!


  1. I really like this track Steve, it's very smooth and calm. I also like winter. It's now the first month of summer were I live. The last summer we had was the hottest on record, reaching 40 degrees celsius consecutively over 5 days. After that I had a newfound appreciation for winter!.

    1. Thank you! 40 degrees for five days in a row is hot indeed!


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