Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pornography #2

Nature has designed humans to not become sexually attracted to your own blood family.  Incest is unnatural.  A son is not supposed to be sexually attracted to his mother.  A daughter is not supposed to be sexually attracted to her father.  A brother is not supposed to be sexually attracted to his sister.  These types of desires are unnatural and are seen as disgusting and rightfully so.  Even if incest was to occur, there is a high likelihood of deformity and disability in the baby, it is nature’s way of saying this activity is not right. 

It is in our nature to be attracted to humans that are outside of our family by blood, that is why there is an appeal of pornography when we view attractive strangers that are engaging in intimacy. 

Pornography and sex has a great appeal for the young, for those in the early stages of puberty and into young adulthood.  Sex is an appeal for at least a couple of decades in your life.  Sex energy is a very powerful energy, it is life energy, it cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.  It can be transformed into something ugly, it can be transformed into something beautiful, or it can be expressed for what it is. 

Some people may view pornography as sin but those same people who say pornography is sin will have sexual fantasies in their sleep and this is no different than viewing pornography.  These same people may see a beautiful woman at the store and fanaticize about this woman while they masturbate alone, and this is no different than viewing pornography.  These same people may watch a movie with a beautiful woman that is fully clothed and be sexually aroused by this woman, and this is no different than viewing pornography. 

What constitutes pornography?  A man can refrain from viewing videos of naked woman but he can imagine a woman being naked, this cannot be stopped, and this is no different than viewing videos of pornography.  The sexual energy will always be there, you cannot destroy it, this must be understood.  You must understand how this sex energy works and you must learn to express it in responsible ways. 

I see that porn can be used in many positive ways that can help you grow spiritually.  In my opinion I would say that it is better for a man to masturbate to porn than to have sex with a woman of whom he is not in love with.  When a man masturbates to porn, he is not hurting anybody in the process but if a man has sex with a woman of whom he does not love, many complications can occur.  Many unwanted and abandoned babies can be born, emotional pain from the woman, HIV, and STD’s, are just a few of the problems. 

A man who does not properly express himself sexually according to the natural cycle will end up turning ugly.  It is expected for a man to be highly sexual during his teenage years and young adult years, it is natural and beautiful, this man should express his urges and desires.  But a man who is highly sexual in his later years when he is getting closer to death, now this becomes something ugly.  A man who is 20 years old who is sexually attracted to an 18 year old, this is something natural and beautiful.  But an old man who is 80 who is sexually attracted to an 18-year-old woman, this is something ugly.  The “dirty old man” is the result of sexual repression. 

If there is no sexual repression, if the young man is allowed to free express his sexual urges, eventually these sexual urges should naturally subside and by the time the man becomes “old”, he will no longer have these unnatural sexual urges at an old age.  As he becomes older, he will naturally become less sexual.  He does not have any repressions; he has lived his sex life to the fullest during his youth.

It is very important to not sexually repress yourself, do not view sex as a sin, it is something beautiful as long as it is expressed responsibly.  Is pornography bad?  Well we should not prefer the fake over the real, we should meet real woman and love real woman, become intimate with real woman, while using pornography as a supplemental way of directing our sexual energies into the proper path. 

During the time you are single and on the search for the right woman, pornography can be used as a tool to express your sexual urges responsibly without allowing yourself to just get with a woman to be laid even though you do not love this woman, yes using a video as an object just for sexual release may seem “wrong” but it is even more wrong to use another live human being just for a sexual release. 

I see that every woman that a man becomes intimate with he should truly have feelings, attraction, and love towards, if he does not, then engaging in intimacy is wrong, this man is better off using pornography to fulfill his sexual fantasies until he meets the right woman. 

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  1. I probably have not found my real woman yet. That could explain why I cannot stop viewing pornography so much. Lol. But you crack me up in the dirty old man part. I am open to the idea of expressing myself sexually but I just do not want to depend on alcohol and clubs for it. I want the woman to truly want to have sex with me without the use of alcohol. That way, we will have a better sexual experience.


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