Sunday, December 7, 2014


Tired of people making up excuses they cant work out and sit there complaining their fat and want to lose weight. Like my bro said he cant do pushups because he broke his toe so what improvise. Do knee pushups shit or do one legged pushups its not that hard, or I dont have time to work out but you sit on your ass for 3hrs watching tv like wtf. Im sorry guys, but im just sick of people using excuses.


  1. Sorry just a little mad lol a friend of mine keeps complaining hes fat and im sick of hearing it so i offered him to work out with me. He said he would but keeps making up dumb excuses i feel like going to his house and beat his ass and make him work out lol

  2. Ya but even that won't work trust me i tried on my little brother his lazy ass doesn't workout at all anymore

    1. I guess you cant force someone to work out. Its just annoying hearing people complain about their bodys but do nothing about it


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