Saturday, December 20, 2014

MMA sucks!(poetry)

The sick obsession people have with this combat sport
back at it again dishing out another verbal retort
now they're saying blow job jujitsu is more effective than a gun
how is half naked wrestling on the ground with another man considered being fun

these gracies are a cancer to the martial arts & that's a fact
youtube removed my account just to defend these dirt bags from my constant attack
now they can continuously pull out videos of them fondling each others nut sack
supposedly the most effective combat technique is having the opponent sniff your crack

you gotta be out of your mind
obviously when it comes to spirituality the majority of western society is blind
it's not cool wearing nothing but your underwear grabbing another man from behind
that's why Sifu Freddie Lee is one of a kind

he is deeply passionate about the martial arts
while MMA rapists are rolling around the ground sniffing each others farts
Freddie dedicates his life into showing these clowns the true way
while the MMA rapists are dry humping each other all day

gracie fanboys get all anal when you call their favorite fighting style gay
but what do they expect to be called when getting in between another man's legs is how they like to play
combat sport cage fighting is like watching gay porn
teaching predominately male americans to fight while their booty hole is being torn

ultimate fondling competition is a more appropriate acronym for ufc
because that's obviously what's taking place on tv
they can go ahead & like that garbage but its not for me
used to be a fan of such filth until I found Sifu Freddie Lee

I never liked blow job jujitsu & that's the honest truth
it would be an honor to express my hatred towards the gracies in a booth
now all I have access to right now is my mind & microsoft notepad
thus concluding part 4 of me verbally attacking this combat sport fad


  1. Awesome! Attack them hard! Keep up the good work fighting back

  2. Thanks for the feedback I thought I turned you off completely with my anti-lilwayne poetry. Anyways, the reason I made this one was in reaction towards blowjobjujitsutube removing my channel & also the fact that now these MMA rapists are saying that Blow Job Jujitsu is more effective than a man with a gun. Posting stupid articles saying that a male blow job jujitsu practitioner was able to subdue an armed man & that really pissed me off. That makes me really hate blow job jujitsu & all of the fanboys who worship the disgracies. Instead of teaching their female loved ones this style, the selfish closet homosexual male american wants it all for himself. Instead of letting the woman learn Blow Job Jujitsu & sticking to stand up striking or as a matter of fact, try not to fight at all & learn how to meditate & express their ways in a less violent confrontational matter. Anyways, I'm getting off topic here & I know you have an important mission to fulfill, involving expressing the joys of the martial arts & all so I wont distract you any further. keep up the good work Sifu & I hope you enjoyed this poem after such a long drought.

    1. I'm trying my hardest to stay positive and to keep moving forward with my purpose. I try my hardest not to get caught up in the negativity in this world and continue to just do my thing, every so often they slip in an attack and I just end up attacking right back. I feel that it is very important for us to stay true to the Martial Arts and express it how we feel it should be expressed, the haters will come and as they come sometimes that negative energy can be transformed to become creative energy. The more we support one another, the stronger we will be. If you cannot find anyone that is a good leader by example, then become the leader yourself.


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