Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Learning from others and thank you notes

You can learn alot from others about yourself  either by their example of how they act towards you or  by the way they say how you treat people. For example you can be an asshole to some people because of the way you are feeling and directing your attention to a memory good or bad reflects on how you are at that moment even though that is not your overall opinion about them, your emotions effect your mind, spirit, body and overall health. I leaned that I have a violent temper and that through my teachers and most importantly myself that I have to learn to control it instead of being passive all the time and letting it build up and ultimatly destroy me. Martial arts, meditation ,chi work, cooking , fitness delopment(weight training, biking, cardio training) have a deep meaning to me they show me how to express myself  in a healthier way and ultimatly lead to a healthier life. Their are three people especially in my life that I wanted to thank although one has passed away 18 years before I was born his teachings from his movies and books have helped alot, another is my best friend and teacher bobby he is not only my teacher in martial arts but also a close friend who I confide through out my daily life, the last person I want to thank is sifu Freddie lee because without you I would not know how to have push my physical limits and for showing me that your overall fitness matters in the martial arts not so much as the combative techniques. Also seeing your philosophy videos have benifited to my overall development and enlightenment as a total human being. Thank you for expressing the way after all its like bruce said true self knowledge does not come from books it comes from inside ourselves. Thank you  for helping me explore myself.


  1. You know you are not the only one with a bad temper. I am very short tempered too. A lot of times, meditation helps me being a thermostat instead of being a thermometer when dealing with my surroundings. Thank you for sharing this, we all have our own struggles.

  2. Thank you for the post, I'm appreciative to have made it to your list of people to thank upon your journey in the Martial Arts. When you bring up the aspect of having a temper, it got me to think about my own temper. Before training in the Martial Arts I had a very violent temper but as I trained the temper went away and I came to peace, but recently I notice that the temper never really disappeared, it is hidden, it is hidden fire, it is a hidden dragon, it is explosive energy, this explosive energy has to be properly handled, like a very sharp blade or a loaded firearm, it can be dangerous or it can be used for something positive and beneficial to yourself and society. As we train in Martial Arts, we will learn to better transform this energy in creative and positive ways.

  3. I think that we are ment to have are tempers because if we didn't then we would be to passive 100%and that is not the way of nature even itself can not be yin all the time because it is imbalanced and can cause problems in itself.


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