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The society trains us to be split, the society does not allow for us to be complete and one.  The society forces us to put on a mask.  This mask is what we call the ego.  Having no ego is the true being, the authentic self.  The authentic self is forced to be hidden from society.  We are not allowed to say what we really feel; we will be punished for doing so.  We are forced to put on faces. When you go to work, you put on a face.  When you speak to your parents, you put on a face.  When you speak to your friends, you put on a face.  When you speak to strangers, you put on a face.  When you encounter enemies, you put on a face.  When you see your co-workers, you put on a face.  Everywhere you go, you put on different faces. 

The original face is hidden.  The original face may be hidden for so long that you have even forgotten that it exists.  When you drop all your masks and you learn to express yourself as is, in your originality, this is an enlightened being, completely original. 

People have accused me of being split because of certain expressions I have made public online.  But this I see to be different than the average person that is split, I do not see myself to be split, I see myself as like an actor in Hollywood.  When you are an actor, you play a certain role, within that role; you need to express certain emotions that are relevant to the role that you are playing.  You may have to play an aggressive role that does not mean that your original being is aggressive.  You may have to play a loving role, that does not mean that your original being is loving. 

You may play a violent role that does not mean that your original being is violent.  You may play a peaceful role that does not mean that your original being is peaceful.  As an actor, you change and adapt according to the circumstances and requirements of whichever role you are playing, basically you are knowingly and consciously putting on different masks for different purposes knowing that your original self does not change, it is one. 

I can be aggressive if I want to be aggressive, I can be peaceful if I want to be peaceful.  I can be lustful and I can be loving.  As an Artist, I can express myself in many different ways.  Because I express myself in so many different ways, the public has a difficult time understanding my expression because they see duality.  They see a split; they see the “good” and the “bad.”  But the good and the bad is only subjective to each individual.  Some people hate rap music, some people love rap music.   Some people hate profanity; some people are entertained by profanity.  Some people hate porn, some people love porn.  Everything is relative to the individual.  So I have many “friends” but I also have many “enemies.”  People are picking and choosing what they like and do not like about my public expression. 

To me, my public expression is a work of art.  Sometimes I like to paint calm, other times I like to paint with aggression.  Sometimes I like to stretch, other times I like to train with heavy weights and go hard.  The heavy weights is representing the aggression, the stretching is representing the peacefulness.  I have both within myself and I appreciate both expressions, I am not just one, I am both combined.  Everything to me is beautiful. 

People are afraid of my aggressive expression, they are intimidated, they are scared.  Well you must understand, I train in MARTIAL Arts.  I can be deadly, I can be violent, I can be very aggressive.  I use weapons, I carry weapons, I train my body to be a weapon, and I am ready to kill if necessary.  Somebody has a gun, you better be afraid, he can shoot and kill you if he wants to, as long as you are respectful and you don’t start any arguments, then you don’t have to worry too much. 

To handle somebody that is deadly, all it requires is respect, as long as you have respect, then there is nothing to be fearful of.  A MARTIAL Artist stands for respect, he’s not a pushover, not somebody to be picked on.  And with that said, yes, you should be afraid, afraid to disrespect someone who is clearly more powerful than yourself. 

But the other side of my artful expression is loving and playful. How intimidating can I be standing 5’5”?  How intimidating can I be weighing only 140 lbs?  How much of a “bad” person can I be if I value education?  How much of a bad person can I be for speaking against corruption?  How much of a bad person can I be being in love with a woman and creating 5 children together? 

There is a soft side to me, those who get to know me, know that there is nothing to be afraid of.  This is the martial ART part of my expression, the creative and meditative side of my expression.  Not only do I train in combat but I also love stretching, meditating, reading, and writing, I am not just one sided. 

Obama is the president of the US.  Very proper, very professional, and politically correct at all times.  But do not accuse him of having a split personality if you somehow caught him having hardcore sex with his wife in the bedroom.  You are sexually repressed, that is why you view that activity as negative.  To you, profanity is a taboo, that is why you view rap music as negative.  I am not sexually repressed and profanity is not a taboo to me, that is why I seem so different than the majority.  It does not mean I am split, it means that I feel comfortable with myself to express myself creatively in ways that most people are not comfortable with because of the fear they have of what others may think about them. 

I have no fear of what others may think about me, I could care less, but yes I can only go so far with it, if my livelihood is taken away then it will create problems.  But I see that a truly spiritual person, a truly meditative person, is true to his heart, he is real.  So many of us are too concerned about what others think and that is what brings misery to our lives, that is what turns us into machines, that is what makes us split, that is what makes us false human beings.  All we care about is being popular, all we care about is pleasing others so that we make more money, when if ever, do we ever allow ourselves to just be open and honest about whom we truly are? 

You know, if you are a fake human being, automatically you will have friends and you will have enemies.  And if you are a real human being, automatically you will have friends and you will have enemies.  Either way you go, you will always have enemies, people that hate you for being fake and people that hate you for being real.  With this being said, you might as well just be real and accept the love and hate that you receive for being real and move forward.

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  1. Well I am not afraid of you mister! Hahaha. I respect you.


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