Friday, December 12, 2014

Interesting training experience

Today is Friday, I've been all week studying and doing homework for college, it's time for the exams of half semester, so I've been studying my ass off, haven't really trained this week, so I decided that on Friday I would train.

So I got from college after taking the final exams of the week, turns out  my brother invited all kinds of friends from his college, then I studied some singing for about 2 hours at home, and was ready to train. His friends were still there in the garden, we have a room in the garden were I train, which meant his friends were going to see me train, I was like fuck it, I have to train, kinda feels like not taking a shower for 3 days, and you know you've got to shower, I'm not gonna lie, it was awkward as fuck. Specially when a couple of curious chicks entered the room to see me train, they wanted to see what was going on in there lol. I just said hi, and kept on with my thing, So eventually when I the session ended, I had to go back into the house, with my martial arts uniform, and there we now even more people in there, I was like fuck it, I've got to take a shower, so I just entered the place awkwardly and walked straight to my room lol. I'm just so used to training privately, with nice relaxing music, in a quiet space, while on the other side there was a lot of teen adults drinking, smoking, being loud as hell, listening to loud music. They all come to enjoy the party with their friends, to have a social life, get drunk,and do whatever most teens do these days, while I was singing and training my shit, I just had to do that, haven't trained in a week, I HAD to train, I HAD to, so I was like I could be out there meeting chicks and shit, fuck that shit, I want to train.
 I decided at the beginning of the week that on Friday I would train. Since I decided that, I didn't care there was a party going on, I had already made a choice. Plus, I fucking hate freaking cigarette smoke, i hope whoeverpersons invented  or discovered smoking, I hope they died in front of their families in new years eve. Infact I'm smelling that shit right now, a little bit, FUCK cigarettes, and FUCK the people who smoke, they are basically serial killers who never get caught, they smoke in front of everybody passing that shit to everyone,and they don't give a fuck, they should be vanished from the freaking Earth,


  1. Yeah my wife keeps talking about how people are dying early from the 2nd hand smoke even faster than the people who actually do the smoking! She gets really pissed when people smoke and she ends up breathing it in herself. It's nice that here in Chicago they banned smoking in all places indoors across all businesses and public locations, that is a big win for the non smokers and an example of how the law can benefit the people and make changes for the better through time if the right people stand up and try to make a change. Just like now in Chicago they finally have decided to allow for concealed carry.

  2. I get like that when i make up a set schedule i dont care whats going on that day its my day and im gonna train no matter what.

  3. Yeah, they should be more strict with that rule, in here.

    Yeah, it's like that, it's already decided.


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