Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eastern mysticism

I see a lot of people criticizing the teachings from the East, they call it mysticism and stuff that doesn't work in the streets. They say, we teach what works, and they call it martial arts, without the teachings of the east it's just self defense or violence, it's not martial arts. I see a lot of instructors who criticize the teachings from the east calling themselves martial artists and that they teach martial arts.

They only care about the fighting techniques. Some people that say they are Jeet Kune Do instructors, I see them only teaching the concepts of fighting from Jeet Kune Do, the techniques. This is more effective than this and stuff, they basically do glorified kick boxing. I have a lot of books and video instructionals on the martial arts, there's only one that I've seen that goes beyond the fighting aspect, is one called Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, with footage of Bruce himself. The rest is all  about the techniques. They don't add some spiritual teachings into the videos or books. What people want is the techniques, they don't care about the rest, in the chinese DVDs I have they show more of the artistic aspect, they do more like demo videos, because it's very hard to learn from them and even if you can learn, trying to do it is very hard with my health, so at least they are showing the art.

A lot of people criticize that too, the traditional martial arts, modern combat sport is always criticizing the traditional martial art that comes from the east. They despise them. I think there's a lot more things that the traditional martial arts can teach us than the combat sport which just focuses on teaching the techniques and competition. I'm not asian , but it pisses me off when people just hate on the teachings of the east for no reason.


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  2. Combat sport people disrespecting the traditional Martial Arts is like the son disrespecting the Father. The son was born by the father, to disrespect the father, the son deserves to get his ass beat. Combat sport would not be in existence if not for the Martial Arts. Martial Arts is always supreme over combat sport, combat sport is limited with rules, Martial Arts is not limited, it is limitless.

  3. I totally agree with you Jaden. It's very disappointing that the teachings of the East are sometimes stigmatised, even though they complement Western science so well.


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