Friday, February 6, 2015

Martial Arts are Underrated

I see that our society doesn't value the martial arts, all they care is about making money, about having a job, or a degree in some profession, or having expensive stuff, or having a girlfriend/boyfriend, or earning a medal ,instead of focusing on developing as humans.

You see bullies, criminals, thieves, fighters and stupid people everywhere. There are no values, there's no respect. We only care about ourselves and never think of others. I hope that one day people will realize about the true martial arts, and about the importance of the martial arts in the society.


  1. Yes, you are right. People do not value what is important for them as human beings. Everybody is doing what they do not want to do. Your job, your money, your girlfriend or whatever is not going to be everlasting. The martial arts will enhance you as a human being because it not only develop your body to its ultimate potential, but it releases your spirit which is the most important thing in life. I wish people could see that.

  2. I share that hope as well. I don't ever see it happening on a commercial level but rather underground. The commercial industry is bound to corrupt. But I'm working hard to share the true Martial Arts, if we all do the same, the change will happen, but it starts within ourselves.


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