Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No shoes allowed o the gym

My cousin who goes to a Taekwondo gym told me that the teacher doesn't allow students to wear martial arts shoes unless you are a red belt or higher, which I think is ridiculous, I think shoes are great for training, and out there, we usually wear shoes. Maybe if you live in a country or a part of the country were you walk bearfooted or with sandals, yeah that would make sense.


  1. That's ridiculous. It is unsanitary and unsafe. I trained a woman who wore no shoes for just one day because it was her first day and she broke her toe while sparring and never came back. I definitely don't agree to these traditional ways. They say no shoes but then when they spar, they force you to wear gloves. They have it backwards. On the streets, you don't wear gloves but you wear shoes. On the mat, they wear gloves but they don't wear shoes. Ok that makes sense. That's like trying to wear a t-shirt as pants and trying to wear pants as a t-shirt.

  2. "They have it backwards" i never thought of it that way, but it's true. Yeah, some of these traditional ways are just too ridiculous.


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