Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You need to keep it real

Just realized this: For learning self defense you need to keep it real.

You need to train with multiple attackers, with weapons designed for practice. To defend yourself on the ground and get up as fast as possible. You can train you muay thai or your karate, or you taekwondo. But in order to truly prepare yourself, you need to keep it real. It's funny how people say, these is more effective than this, or like muay thai is better than wing chun, unless they train to defend against multiple attackers, to defend against weapons, to use weapons I don't see how any of those competition or traditional styles are better than any other styles,they are all the same crap. Non of those styles really work. If you train wing chun and you fight a muay thai dude with thai rules, you are gonna lose, there's a lot of restrictions and things you can't do. Or another case, a boxer who goes into MMA, in MMA there's lots of things that you can do that you can't do on the boxing ring. So the boxer is at disadvantage.
The same happens if you train with all these rules and then you go on the streets. You are not prepared to defend against 5 attackers, or against somebody stabbing you when you are doing some ground and pound.

My dad told me a story of a friend of his, this guy was at a bar, in the bar there was another dude, violent one, who enjoyed beating up people. They got into a fight, and the friend of my dad ended up winning the fight on one on one unarmed combat, next thing you know the dude who lost went to his car and grabbed a slate heavy duty bar and stabbed him in the neck with it.

Despite the fact it was unarmed combat and one on on at first, it turned into a deadly situation. So on the streets you never know.

And also it's important to avoid these places, bars and clubs. This dangerous places where people go in the night to party.

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  1. Revenge 2/19/15

    You have brought up a very important point that is never taught in combat sport. The aspect of revenge. You may think that you won a fair one on one fight today but what about tomorrow and the day after, or even a few minutes after? If you do not kill your opponent on the streets, be prepared for a revenge, the person can come after you and take your life away. A person on the streets who cannot control his ego is likely to kill you if you hurt his ego. In the Boxing ring, the person that loses will ask for a rematch, on the streets, the person that loses will not ask for a rematch, he will attack you spontaneously when you are not prepared and he will kill you.

    If you kill your opponent on the streets, you must also be prepared for his family members and friends coming after you to take your life. Real war on the streets is never glamorous, it is something we need to stay away from, but if we do engage we need to engage intelligently and always be prepared for the revenge.

    If you let your opponent live, expect for him to come back to take your life, so be prepared, have your weapons ready to take his life away when he comes back to try to take your life away. Other things to consider as well is that your enemy may not even seek revenge against you, he may seek revenge against your family because they may be an easier target. Now you will start to see and understand why there is so much gang violence, gang members killing each other off out of revenge. We need to step away from all of this violence and head towards peace. We need to stay away from environments that attract negative behavior and violence. We need to train hard to be prepared for whatever happens.


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