Friday, May 8, 2015

Injuries when training

I was training with my cousin yesterday, we were practicing some kicks, I went to the bathroom and when I came back my cousin told me his leg was hurting, when were were doing some back kicks,apparently he injured his standing leg, a pulled muscle or something. Of course we had to stop training, he couldn't walk normally because it caused pain.

I think that injuries just happen when training, but I think that a better warm up would've prevented it, also when I think about it, he was leaning to far back when doing the kick in order to kick higher, which I think caused him to put to much strain on his standing leg which may have been a cause of the injury.

I think it's always important to take all the precautions necessary in order to prevent injuries, warm up as long as it takes, and just don't force anything to much, I'd rather train at a moderate intensity instead of pushing too hard and getting injured, and to listen to our bodies, be aware of our sensations, since I was practicing too I didn't told him that he was leaning to far back, which I probably should've. But well, too late for that, I just hope he gets better soon.


  1. I am learning to listening to my body as well. Thank you for bringing this up Jaden.

  2. Really good advice. I recently injured my hip flexor for the first time ever, it was a learning lesson to not take my health for granted. I need to spend even more time to warm up, stretch, and not to over do it either. Kicking exercises can be pretty dangerous to the body if you do not do them properly.

  3. I torned my ACL not too long ago from sparring in a slippery mat as currently had it in taekwondo competition. I torned ACL from the slippery mats that I fell with hyper extended my knee. Do not spar in the slippery mat in the kicking sport because your knee is very sensitive. Taekwondo sparring competitor are known to torn there ACL from speed kickng training that are overrated and it is very dangerous. I knew why many taekwondo sparring competitor torn there ACL, They had been train in overrated speed kick in a natural way because of bad technique and bad training. How to kick faster in the healthy and natural way, first, slow it down to do it properly, build strength and know your body limit. Also many korean sparing competitor torned there ACL because of over training as they train 8-10 hours a day in a unnatural way because there mindset is just win, thats it. Train hard but in a natural way of training and know your body limit. That is the reason I don't taekwondo sparring much anymore because my knee is very sensitive, I doing it once awhile as for fun, lately I had been safe sparring as no style as i saw freddie lee's video, my knee is not hurt ever since and it is fun. That allwed me to create my own label called the ART of No Style....


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