Monday, May 18, 2015

Don't go to the ground

In this fight we see a case in which the fighters end up going to the ground. The dude on top punches the other guy causing him to bleed quite a bit, but then things end up taking a turn and the dude who got hurt ends up on top using ground and pound, luckily it was a one on one fight, and there were people who stopped the fight. We can see that the black dude was actually in pretty good shape, very muscular, but he still lost the fight, at the end, they ended up talking which is what they should've done in the first place, instead of resorting to punching someone in the face, but whatever.

It was not a case of multiple opponents, or weapons being pulled out, nevertheless, it still shows how even without those other factors it can get pretty dangerous if there's no one to stop the fight.

This is the reason why I decided that I need to incorporate counter grappling drills in my training. I don't wanna go in there, with a grappler mentality of taking the fight to the ground and keeping it there, I want to go with the idea of, DON'T even touch the ground, and if you do, you need know how  to stand up as fast as possible, otherwise things might get pretty ugly for you.


  1. A classic example, just because you're ripped, just because you are a bodybuilder does not mean you know how to fight. The bodybuilder didn't know what the hell he was doing. Also learning how to defend yourself on the ground requires a high level of athleticism but it is instinctual and natural to learn, it is similar to learning how to prevent someone from drowning you in the water, prevent him from drowning you and then you can end up on top and drowning him. It requires great breathe control, strength, endurance, and technique. And just because you look good with your shirt off does not mean you will automatically win the confrontation. This bodybuilder is a disgrace, once again, a bodybuilder is a not a Martial Artist, but the body of a Martial Artist, can look like a bodybuilder as a result of his training.


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