Sunday, November 9, 2014

Don't be an idiot when training, train smart (Anecdote)

So today I was doing my training, warmed up, trained some footwork, some punches and basic kicks, what I always do basically, moved into the nunchaku training, it was going alright, then I saw this new move that I had never tried before, and overhead spin, started it with my right hand, went fine, did a few repetitions, changed to the left arm, I thought, maybe I should practice this move with the foam chucks, next thing you know I saw white, and then my vision got back to normal, I hit myself in the freaking head with the nunchaku, I didn't break my head, or got KO'd,now I have a bump in my head, it doesn't hurt to touch, it definitely hurt when it hit me, luckily the spin of the nunchaku didn't hit me in a way that would really fuck me up. I took this a sign of the universe to train more

So yeah, you live and you learn... I guess.

We have to be smart, specially when trying out new stuff, we have to be careful and safe at all times when training.


  1. Yeah, training smart helps, but we all do mistakes. Keep up the good work!

  2. Be careful, the thing about training with the nunchaku that is good is that it teaches you to respect it, if you don't handle it properly, it will hit you back and hurt you, in a way it teaches you how to prepare for hard sparring, if you do it right, you won't get hurt, you do it wrong, you can hurt yourself very badly.

    1. OH tell me about it! Lol. It is the meanest weapon ever.

  3. Yeah I understimated it and payed the price


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