Saturday, November 22, 2014

Musician's day?The day of the martial artist?

Ok, so I've heard a lot of talk, and received comments about the day of the musician, being a musician it pisses me off lol.

Like Freddie said, training martial arts is like brushing your teeth, or taking a shower, like breathing, it's just what you do. The same with music.

So also, when people are like, congratulations on the musicians day, you are awesome because you play music, you are great because you can sing a few notes, or play a few chords. I feel like they tell me, congratulations for brushing your teeth, or showering, you are awesome for applying the  soap correctly, or for applying toothpaste correctly on the toothbrush.

We musicians, martial artists, think we are so special, but the truth is, a lot of people do what we do, and better than us aswell. We just do those things because we like them, not because they are "special" as some people say, just because instead of that, they do something different.

Call me an ungrateful bastard, but I hate being complimented for just being a musician, I rather be told how great my skills are with music, not just, oh you are musician therefore you are awesome. No, that doesn't mean anything, is the everyday work that counts.

And just like the the martial arts, music has been corrupted by the industry to make all kinds of money, so it's not even a positive thing anymore, nowadays everybody is a freaking musician. Everybody is a martial artist, that doesn't make you awesome. Being a true martial artist,a true musician, that's what counts, not for your friends or family, or other people, but for you.


  1. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing! At first I read this from my phone and it doesn't tell you who wrote the post, I swear it was Steve who wrote it but it was not, it seems that the 3 of us very much think alike.

    1. Thank you Sifu, I also find a lot of similarities about our train our thought, that's why most of the time I agree with what you have to say, if not always.


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