Sunday, November 9, 2014

The time has come, come and get your reward, take your Taekwondo test.

I read a post on my news feed today from a Taekwondo school.

It said,

"You sacrificed months of your life for training, sacrificed sleep, sacrificed hours of celebration and recreation to improve your technique, sacrificed time with your family to compete, your friends enjoyed their evenings at home while you were sweating in the tatami. I'ts time to take the next step, YOU DESERVE IT. It's time to take the exams for promotion.

You will be greater than your fears and your nerves stronger. THIS IS YOUR TIME

"Have I not commanded you that you're strong and courageous, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" Joshua 1: 9

Let's go with honor towards your new belt."

Yeah it's time for the dojangs to make all kinds of money, if it's so freaking bad and tortuous to train, why the fuck would you take a freaking exam on it.

The training should be you everyday reward, the training should be you celebration. what we deserve is to train and be happy with it, and get the rewards of our training as we see results, and how much we have improved that for me is the real reward.

I love how at the end they quote the Bible, Taekwondo is a korean martial art, Buddhism and Confucianism are some of the roots of Taekwondo, what does Christianity have to do with Taekwondo.


  1. I like your post, there is a lot of insight in it.

  2. Apparently that McDojo merchant is a closet Judeo-Christian, pulpit warrior, dick-in-the-booty, bible-thumping, conformist parrot who wants to feed you all that good shit in your ear, while molesting you & taking your money at the same time. No wonder these so-called martial artists hate Sifu Freddie & everything he stands for. For all I know, he's probably convincing those dupes that with enough training they can "redirect the line of fire" from a gun a point blank range, like in that short-lived dumb series, Punk Payback.


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