Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The corruption from Youtube and Bruce Lee being called the father of MMA

Watching Sifu's video about Bruce Lee and Freddie Lee dead at 32, I started to think about Youtube, Sifu's channel was shutdown because of cursing, insults and stuff, then it was shut down for reading Osho quotes.

You have gaming channels, a lot of this gamers are saying all kinds of insults, bad words, they might not be directed to anybody particularly, but it's still out there, they curse far more than what Freddie used to. Kids watch that, they film half hour long videos playing games they didn't make, and they are making a lot of money.

You have youtube musicians making covers of songs, a lot of this musicians literally got famous by doing covers, not only that, they got rich aswell, using somebody else's work, then Freddie reads a few quotes from Osho and BAM, his channel gets shut down.

I doubt that the creators of the games gave permission to the gamers to use the games, and I doubt the artists who created the songs gave permission for somebody to use the songs they made and get rich using them. How is that legal and but reading a few Osho quotes is not? That is some major BULLSHIT.

So yeah, I'm starting to see that corruption from Youtube.

Also about Bruce Lee, now the UFC is calling him the father of MMA, first of all, if we're talking about joining different fighting styles, that existed long before Bruce.

And the other thing is, if we are talking about the contact sport that is MMA, now that he's being called the father of MMA (by the UFC people) he's by default representing it, the UFC and today's MMA. Now, I don't know much about Bruce Lee, if anything, but I'm almost sure, if he wanted to represent something, it would've been his own thing, namely Jeet Kune Do, and himself, not what you see on TV, the UFC MMA type of thing, I don't see Dana White talking about Jeet Kune Do, all I see, is him using Bruce Lee's image to sell his UFC game.


  1. It's like the whole situation with these modern day rappers calling themselves the next 2pac. Let's not mention the fact that they are going to wait all these years after he passes away to run their mouths about Bruce. They do not know a goddamn thing about him to even speak about his legacy. I would rejoice the day that MMA, Combat Sport, Cage Fighting, Ground Fighting competition, becomes outlawed.

    1. I'm glad you joined this blog, you have some good things to say, I need more people to stand up and speak up against this McDonald's Martial Arts and Blow Job-Jujitsu.


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