Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You are going to die anyways

I read a post on facebook news feed today, it says:

"Did you know?

If you eat healthy, sleep well, work out, and drink lots of water, you are still going to die"

This post received a decent amount of likes and comments approving it.

Well, my question for them is: Why don't you kill yourself? You are going to die anyways, you might aswell, if you are going to live a crappy life, full of unhealthy behavior and sickness, if you don't care about your healtyh and well being, you might aswell.


  1. Yeah. If you really do not care for yourself, just kill yourself anyway.

  2. If you eat unhealthy, do not sleep well, do not exercise, and drink lots of alcohol, you are accelerating your path towards death, it is a way of committing a slow suicide, rather than committing a slow suicide, have the balls to just kill yourself right now with a gunshot to the head, because you don't care for your life anyway, this world is already over populated, it would benefit the world for you not to be here, your taking up space!

    1. LOL. Very cynical but funny and true. I will just tell him: just take the shot man, I will respect you for that.


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