Monday, November 3, 2014

"If your boyfriend doesn't train in Muay Thai, you've got a girlfriend"

I read this post on my FB news feed today, the person who shared it is obviously a pro fighter in MMA, and no surprise, when I checked his fb wall he also loves BJJ and teaches it.

MMA fighters are always looking at Muay Thai and BJJ as the best "martial arts", and talk about how those fighting styles can destroy everything. They also share their thoughts on Muay Thai being the most violent, therefore the best striking system.

How can a fighting style be the best if it doesn't prepare you to defend or handle weapons? Weapons are the most effective tools for killing and hurting people. Not to mention the rest of things these combat sports don't prepare you for.

Hey, I have no doubt these pro MMA fighters could kick my ass given the chance, at least in hand to hand combat. They've been training a lot longer than me, and are in really good shape. But that doesn't make them real martial artists.

Here's what I've seen though, real martial artists, and not only real martial artists, but also, great martial artists are in better shape, are stronger, faster, more skilled, have healthier bodies, they are free from steroid use, and have mastered several combative skills and have trained in all aspects of fighting. Aside from that, they've also developed their minds and spirit.

Real martial artist don't need to fight, and also they don't need to prove they can fight, they know that for sure they are lethal, that's why they avoid fighting.


  1. I'll take all those Muay Thai, Blow Job Jujitsu, and MMA motherfuckas on the streets and blast them all away! We'll see how effective their blow job arm bars and Muay Thai Kicks are with a pistol pointed at their brain. LOL

    Fuck em, they live in a fantasy world thinking that weapons don't exist. Weapons training in real Martial Arts puts things in perspective, don't fuck with anybody who ain't got shit to lose. These MMA Blow Job Muay Thai motherfuckas will shit in their pants when it comes to real fighting and real death. LOL

    1. Yep you are right about that. They can think all they want about how Muay Thai and BBJ are the most effective but they are training themselves to move away from real street combat. Also, fighting in competition does not help you overcome your fear. It just doesn't. When people say you have to compete to overcome your fear, it simply means that they do not trust their inner spirit. Instead, they prefer to look outside themselves for answers; therefore, they externalized their power. That is not the way of Martial Arts. Of course, when you try to explain that to them, these motherfuckas are going to argue back with you saying that you are a pussy, you got no balls.. But oh well, fuck them and their BJJ and their Muay Thai.

  2. Gun vs MMA *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs Cage Fighting *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs Ground Fighting *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs Combat Sport *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs Muai Thai *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs San shou *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs Boxing *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs Wrestling *pop* Gun wins
    Gun vs Blow Job Jujitsu *pop* Gun wins

    anyone willing to say otherwise?


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