Saturday, November 8, 2014

Some anecdotes about BJJ, MMA ,and combat sport

I remember quite a few things about it that I'll share right now.

One of the comments I remember to this day, next to the muay thai gym there was a Kung Fu school, when I entered this Muay Thai school for the first time I met a dude who was one of the oldest students, I told him I was going to the kung fu school aswell. he told me "this is the best place to learn martial arts in the city" it's cool all the dancing that they do in the kung fu, it's beautiful, but here we learn how to fight. I was like ok. that should've been my first red flag.

The when I went to the MMA gym, I remember the instructor saying, we do bow when entering the mat, because you see, I don't believe in those old martial arts, is just tradition and I'm not a fan of it, but I do bow out of respect to the training place. I asked him what he ha, trained, he told me "when I was a kid I trained Taekwondo lol (he did laugh), then I went to the real thing" Muay Thai and BJJ. I don't like tradition, what I like is to enter the ring and just beat the crap out of people, or that they beat the crap out of me, but I do bow out of respect.

I think that this "tradition" he was talking about is what we'd call spirituality in the martial arts, funny how most of the people who dismiss the spiritual aspect of the martial arts, believe firmly in God, but they completely dismiss eastern spirituality

Anyways, another one was when I went to a Jiu Jitsu seminar by a dude who fought in the UFC for a short period of time, not gonna say the name. Now I ain't hating on that dude, he did Yoga and had some eastern influences in his training. However when I started practicing moves with the other students,I remember I was practicing with this dude, since it was my first time there he thought I came from another type of school ,I remember I messed up a move, dude told me, bruh you can't do that, this is Jiu Jitsu, like if it was some type of extremely hardcore thing lol.

This type of MMA guys are always looking down on traditional martial arts, even mocking them, saying it's for pussies, or like that thing I posted the other day about that if you don't train muay thai you are a girl.

But when other people insult their shit, specially in the hilarious way Freddie does (they say kung fu or taekwondo is gay, yet they roll in the ground with men). they get mad as hell. I guess it's kinda like those religious dudes who say that all the other religions are bullshit yet you tell them their religion is bullshit and they get mad.

I went to  a MMA school next to my college the other day just for fun, I entered the place, it was a HUGE gym, it had all kinds of things, it wasn't time for classes because there was nobody there except for one dude, , I told the dude, hey, can you give me info about what kind of stuff do they teach here, he told me, we train Muay Thai, Bjj, wrestling and sambo, I told him, do you guys teach any Taekwondo or Kung Fu, he told me, no, we only teach things that work. I was like ok cool, just that I trained in Taekwondo and wanted to see if you guys have teachers with that background, he told me they didn't. I met the rest of the gym and left shortly afterwards, it was very expensive, and I talked to a friend of mine who actually trained there for 4 years, he told me they form pro MMA fighters in there, however in his case, he didn't want to become a pro fighter but that you could still train by filling out a form. He told me he left because it got to scary to train there, only pro fighters went there, and they wanted to kick some ass. And he told me this hilarious story about his first months of training and how the instructors asked a small dude who he wanted to fight, and he chose my friend lol, he was like this small dude wants to fight me, why? but since the guy was small he agreed lol.
He told me this small dude went crazy on him despite the fact it was supposed to be a sparring match for beginners. And he punched the shit out of him, however in the second round my friend became really mad, and started to fight back, til he managed to get a rear naked choke on the small dude, and since he didn't tap he almost passes out, according to him his skin was blue, and then the instructor broke the fight. He told me that usually people that get into the sparring are people who have a problem with each other, and that's why they fight. That the teachers don't promote safe sparring, they promote pissed off sparring (fighting), and that sparring like that doesn't help because you don't learn.

So what I have talked in here is a little but about my experience with MMA and contact sport, and what other people have told me.


  1. Thank you for sharing these experiences Jaden. They provide me with a good insight of the mentalities of many of those who practice combat sport.

  2. Pretty hilarious stuff, thank you for sharing.

  3. Yeah. There is an MMA school close to my house. Based on your experience, it looks like something I would never want to be trained. I never want to train in MMA anyway. But thanks for sharing.


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