Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Buddha is Self-Declared

A Buddha is Self-Declared  

“A higher a thing rises, the fewer the people who will recognize it.  When something reaches to the highest point, it is very difficult to find even a few people to recognize it.  At the ultimate omega point, only the person himself recognizes what has happened to him; he cannot find even a second man.  That’s why a Buddha has to declare himself that he is enlightened.  Nobody else can recognize it, because to recognize it, you will have to have some taste of it.  Otherwise, how can you recognize it?  No recognition is possible because the point is so high.”  - Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” Pg. 116

A Buddha is self-declared.  Only Buddha’s can recognize other Buddha’s.  Only the real recognize the real.  Those who are not Buddha’s themselves will label a Buddha as mad.  In a world full of greed, how can this man not be filled with greed?  In a world full of ambition, how can this man not be filled with ambition?  In a world filled with competition, how can this man not be competitive?  It is inevitable, an awakened man will be misunderstood.

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