Saturday, January 17, 2015

Playing With My Future

2015 has started, it is also my first year as a 30 years old man. The age itself doesn't affect me, but it's time for me to put my life in perspective. 40 shall come fast and if nothing change in my life, i will still be single, on welfare living with roomates. This is definitly not the life i'm dreaming of. To me it is a temporary situation, but temporary will remain if i don't start making moves right now. I don't care about resolution so it ain't about a resolution at all. I'm sure a lot of people are in similar situations. And my message to them is; get a grip, stand up and rise. My dream is to be a great beatmaker, a succesful one, being able to make a career out of it. But i cannot sit on this dream and wait for this success to be passed like a basketball. I have to keep making music, but at the same time spread my wings and find a career, something solid. I'm a gamer, i play all kinds of game, but right now i'm playing my god damn life over this shit. I live by one rule; Follow your heart! And right now, my heart is telling me to reach out and start working on plan B. Plan A will remain but plan B shall be an extra strenght that will help me push through in this crazy world. There's is so much places to see in this world, so much people to meet. I would like to have a car and drive to Chicago to workout with my friend Freddie. I would like to visit New-York, L.A, Hong-Kong, Australia, France etc... I want to fly, plain and simple. So one love to the FMK Family/Community, you guys keep working towards your goal, day by day, we can make it!


  1. It would be cool to have you visit Chicago!

    1. I plan on doing so one day! I plan on getting my drivers license and after my passport. With a passport, i'll be able to go to the States and to Chicago!!


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