Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rape in Chicago Yesterday

Rape in Chicago Yesterday

One of my female clients good friend and colleague just got raped and beaten yesterday by two men in Chicago.  She was walking to work coming off the train walking her usual route that my client uses often as well, and that is where it happened.  The incident prompted my client to come in today to schedule her training; she has recently been out of training for over a month.  She said the incident was a sign for her not to procrastinate on her fitness and self-defense training. 

The incident could have very easily happened to her.  This incident reminds me of how important it is for all women not to take their safety for granted.  I feel it to be very important for all women to exercise to stay fit and to learn some self-defense skills for street survival, especially while living in Chicago.  I see that if an armed civilian was to witness this situation, it would be the right time to draw his firearm to get the two offenders to stop and to detain them to be arrested by the police when they arrive.  It is situations like this that concealed carry can be put to good use. 

If any women are interested in self-defense training for survival, contact me.

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