Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Real Martial Arts Discipline

This is the type of training required for the Real Martial Arts.  Harsh, raw, and real.  The Sifu needs to have the freedom to yell, scream, swear, and even beat the disciple into consciousness.  The Sifu begins as an authority and dies as an authority.  The disciple is never allowed to go astray in which to corrupt the Martial Art expression.  If the disciple becomes arrogant and wants to enter into combat sport, the Sifu will enter into a hard sparring match to beat the disciple into an understanding that he must remain humble. 

The disciple shall never be able to overcome the Sifu, the Sifu represents a level that is unattainable by the disciple until the disciple becomes a Sifu himself.  When the disciple becomes a Sifu himself, he should be on the correct path and ensure that he will never teach any disciples the wrong way in which to allow them to stray off the path.  The disciple who is ignorant enough to believe that he is the “best in the world” will be quickly shown by the Sifu that he is far from it by engaging in hard sparring with the Sifu. 

The disciple quickly comes to realization that how can he possibly be the best in the world if he cannot overcome the Sifu.  If the Sifu loses control of the disciple and the disciple begins to believe he is more powerful than the Sifu, then the corruption ends up taking place and the Sifu had failed to properly teach and discipline the disciple in the proper way before the disciple has gained power himself.  The critical time to teach humbleness within the disciple was lost and now the disciple believes he is all powerful and is unwilling to listen to any authority. 

The Sifu has lost his chance to instill humbleness within the disciple, now the disciple has been corrupted and there may be no turning back.  A Sifu who teaches a disciple who is already somewhat powerful but yet is unwilling to develop his spirituality from within and develop humbleness, the Sifu should withdraw and forbid the further teaching of combat to this individual.  A disciple who has demonstrated arrogance with a little power shall not be given even more power by the Sifu.  The Sifu shall retain his power over the disciple to put himself in constant authority over the disciple until the ego barrier is properly dismantled.  


  1. Man I love the father's reaction. Why the fuck you join a gang for? You think you are cool because of that? Here your father are as a black man trying to raise to become better and you go ahead and try to fuck it all up by joining a gang. Good fucking job. Kids nowadays needs some goddamn discipline because this is ridiculous. But anyway, the video shows how a real Sifu should be with his disciples. The Sifu should not be abusive, however he should be allowed to yell, beat the disciple's ass for the disciple's own good if necessary. Kids miss out on that nowadays. I am lucky to have my ass beat couple times by my father and my mother. These were and still are my masters.

    1. It's good to hear from you, it's good to see you on this blog again. America lacks proper discipline in the household, that is why a majority of everyone out there are not fit for the real Martial Arts training.


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