Sunday, January 11, 2015

Awakened Teachers

Awakened Teachers

Buddha said, “People who have become enlightened before persuaded me, argued with me.  They said, ‘In thousands of years a man comes to the state of being where you are.  Even if out of a hundred people, one person understands your words rightly, that is enough.  Don’t be worried about the ninety-nine because they will go astray even without hearing you.  They are bound to go astray.” 

“If they can go astray even hearing you, then what do you think – that without hearing you they will not go astray?  Take it for granted: those ninety-nine are determined to go astray whether you speak or not.  But what about that one percent?  We appeal to you for that one percent who may not be able to find the path without your speaking.”

And Buddha said, “I am speaking for that one percent.”  - Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” pg. 200

Those who wish to promote the good and positive should keep that teaching in mind.  It is against nature for the masses to be awakened.  The awakened will always be in the minority.  But do not lose hope in the masses.  One by one, a change can be made towards the greater good.  Without your positive contribution, the people will suffer.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great teaching! I'll certainly remember it.


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