Monday, January 19, 2015

Miami judge finds fists a potentially lethal threat in Stand Your Ground ruling

Miami judge finds fists a potentially lethal threat in Stand Your Ground ruling

If you train in Martial Arts and you cannot control your temper, and you challenge someone to a fistfight.  The defender is justified in shooting and killing you in Florida, according to the Stand Your Ground law.  Even if you are unarmed, but you are trained in some sort of combat, if you attack someone in Florida who is armed, he is justified in killing you based on self-defense.  This is the difference between the streets and combat sport.  On the streets, its not about proving yourself and playing silly fight games, if you lose your temper and you attack someone, that person can literally take your life away and be justified in doing it.  On the streets, the law protects the defender, the attacker is the criminal.  A Martial Artist is always a defender; he is never the attacker that instigates the fight.   There are no rules on the streets, a defender who truly feels that he is in danger can do what he deems necessary to stop the threat, even if it means shooting to kill.  A Martial Artist is always the defender, he does not go looking for fights, he will do whatever in his power to avoid a fight, but if someone is threatening his life, he will do what is necessary to survive, even if it entails taking the life of the attacker.

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  1. I believe that in Miami, the Stand Your Ground is unfair but at the same time you are right; the law will never protect the attacker. The defender will always win.


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