Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Got my heavy bag back

I got my heavy bag back i can start training again. I haven't trained in any kicks for like 2 or 3months. I'm really rusty right now hopefully i will get it back, some say its like riding a bike you never forget, the other day i did kicks for like 2hrs at the last 30mins or so i noticed i was getting better so hopefully more practice will get me back to where i was at.


  1. My punches are not to bad when i was hitting the bag i was like i still got it lol,

  2. You gotta try the wooden dummy, it's way more fun than the heavy bag

    1. I want to bad, this spring im probably going to make one somehow and cement it in the ground ill post some pictures and what not when i complete it. I would have already done it but this damn snow and being cold in general has slowed me down

    2. I want to use the wooden dummy very badly as well. Maybe I'll be able to afford one when I start working in a few years. At the moment I've got 2 BOB XL's (not century) and sand bags in a frame. It all serves me well for now.


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