Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jake Mace Stands for Real Martial Arts!

Hi all
For those of you who don't know, Jake Mace is a practitioner of Kung Fu systems originating in China. He has built his YouTube channel and now has almost 110,000 subscribers, myself included. He brings out good quality content each week such as meditation tutorials, philosophy teachings, instructional workout videos and combat tutorials. His channel used to be known as Shaolin Centre. Freddie made a video saying that he felt the label was misleading. Afterwards, Jake Mace changed the name of his channel to: Kung Fu & Tai Chi w/ Jake Mace. Perhaps he saw Freddie's video!

I get really good energy from this guy and I wish to promote him. He recently brought out a video that strikes me as dasiar vue. This is exactly what Freddie used to be expressing on a regular bases. The video he brought out is labelled: UFC & Cage Fighting are NOT Real Martial Arts!


I'm happy to see someone well known and held in high regards by over 100,000 people speaking out against the corruption that is combat sport claiming to be Martial Arts. Tell me what you think in the comment section!

(PS - A lot of people in the comment section of this YouTube video seem to be waking up! It's a beutiful thing to observe.)


  1. That was a good video, believe it or not, that was the first video I have ever seen from him. He has a lot calmer way of expressing his views on the subject than I did, that's for sure. I'm glad to see him promoting the spirituality in the Martial Arts. He is claiming Kung Fu and Tai Chi but I don't understand why he called his place a Dojo at the end of the video.

  2. I support this guy. I envision the martial arts the same way he does.

  3. I am glad that he is not supporting the UFC. See, we are not alone in our thoughts.


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