Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fight Gym & Fight Store Out of Business

Fight Gym & Fight Store Out of Business

Within the area of my residence, there was a Fight Gym that went out of business and there was a Fight Store that was selling apparel that went out of business.  I see this as a win in my eyes.  I see that the fad is starting to reveal itself.  To me it is like a liquor store that closes down or a cigarette shop.  To me it is like a McDonald’s that closes down.  The less people that fight, the better.  I would rather have the Martial Arts stay underground.  It is better when the Martial Arts are not exploited for profit.  When it stays underground, it is more authentic and pure.  The less Fight gyms that there are out there, the better it is for the people who teach the real Martial Arts, the less corruption of the people’s mentality. 

If a person is learning something new, it is easier to teach, their mind has yet to be corrupted.  But if a persons mind has already been corrupted by improper teachings, it makes it harder for the real teacher to reach out to the student.  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  The more successful these Fight Gyms are, the more they will corrupt the minds of the public, the less the public will be able to learn the authentic ways of the Martial Arts. 

Fighters and Martial Artists cannot work together.  They oppose one another.  What they stand for and value are in complete opposition.  It is like the difference between a Sage and a Politician.  You cannot be a Sage if you are a Politician and you cannot be a Politician if you are a Sage.  Fighters and Martial Artists will forever be in opposition.  Boxers and Wrestlers are in opposition.  The sport of Boxing can only take place standing up.  The sport of wrestling is designed to take place on the ground, the two sports are in opposition, they are not meant to be merged together.  The sport of Basketball and the sport of Football are in opposition.  In the sport of Basketball you are never allowed to tackle your opponent, in the sport of Football, your aim is to tackle your opponent, the sports are in opposition, different sports with different rules. 

Uncorrupted Police Officers are in opposition with Criminals.  Police Officers are here to stop crime from being committed; criminals are here to commit crimes.  They are opposition.  The Police Officer is not allowed to be a criminal, the criminal is not supposed to be the Police Officer.  Once the criminal becomes the Police Officer, he becomes labeled as the corrupted Police Officer, no longer a true Police Officer.  The true Police Officers will always be in opposition to the corrupted Police Officers. 

Fighters are not Martial Artists and Martial Artists are not Fighters.  Bully’s are Fighters, a Martial Artist is never a bully.  Fighters can be rapists; a Martial Artist is never a rapist.  Fighters can be criminals; a Martial Artist is never a criminal.  Unless it is considered a crime to stand for truth, then a Martial Artist will be considered the greatest criminal.  A Martial Artist stands for truth, the Fighter stands for corruption. 

Shutting down a Fight Gym is like firing corrupted Police Officers.  That is always a good thing.  The less corrupted Police Officers there are, the better.  I am happy to see the Fight Store and the Fight Gym shut down; both instances are a benefit for society.  But as far as the 2 Tae Kwon Do schools shutting down in my neighborhood.  It could be good; it could be bad; depending on the values of the school and whether or not the school owner was representing the good within the Martial Arts.  The Tae Kwon Do label is supposed to represent the positive in the Martial Arts, but whether or not the school was living up to the label is another story. 

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