Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Father and Son Fight Parking Attendants. Son Killed Over $200

Father & Son Fight Parking Attendants.  Son Killed Over $200

This is real life fighting.  Notice:
  • The fight did not occur inside a ring or cage
  • There was no referees there to stop the fight
  • There was no audience there cheering on the fight
  • The fight resulted in somebody’s death
  • The fight involved multiple attackers
  • The fight involved the use of deadly weapons
  • The aggressors and instigators of the fight were punished, not rewarded
  • The only video of the incident is evidence of a crime; it is not a video for entertainment.

The law will always protect the defenders; never will the law protect the aggressors.  Martial Artists are always defenders, they are never aggressors.  This man lost his son over $200, was it worth it?  Real life fighting many times leads towards real death.  Here is a father who is a criminal, who has no control of his temper, who is a violent man who has influenced his son to be violent as well.  When you are aggressive towards somebody, when you wish to ground and pound somebody on the streets, be prepared to die. 

Those who are attacked viciously have the right to defend themselves, those who are attacked viciously have the right to stop the threat by any means necessary.  When you are fighting for survival against a real threat, there are no rules.  Real Martial Artists train to survive, real Martial Artists are defenders.  Fighters love to fight, they instigate fights, they are aggressors, they are bullies, they are criminals.  This father and son were fighters.  In the real world, you are punished for being a fighter, in the entertainment world of combat sport; you are rewarded for being a fighter. 


  1. That was a crazy fight, improvised weapons, the workers had to improvise weapons too in order to defend themselves against the crazy dude. Then the son came, and he started to ground and pound and he got killed. They got attacked by an insane dude and had to defend themselves, they did everything that they could to accomplish that and still left with injuries. This video shows the reality of fighting, and people died or get badly injured in a real fight, that's just how it is because there are no rules. It's crazy.

  2. That is why entertainment will never be real. People want to believe that it is real but it is not. Real life fighting involves everything; it is not a game out there.

  3. tsk tsk tsk. When will these fighters ever learn?


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