Saturday, January 17, 2015

Many ways

It's been a while since i've made a post without adding a track. I'm outta town so it's a good opportunity to do so. We all have dreams, some just don't know it yet or didn't connect with it yet. There's many ways to work towards it. You can, go to school, that's the standard way. You can hustle, that's a back against the wall way. You can be poor and dedicate your whole time and focus with some or no school. You can have a full time job and put some extra time on the side to work on it. But what i want to get to is, nomatter what, don't let go, don't stop. Any way is respectable, some might not like the hustler way, some might laugh at the poor guys way. But the thing is, keep at it. So when you on your deadbed, you know you did your maximum. Follow your heart. Just don't be a copycat, don't be a sheep. Be original, create something in your field, whatever it is that is magic. Freddie is a perfect exemple of someone who is original, authentic and a hard worker. To put everything in the line for your passion, you need a big set of balls made of hardcore steel. Now if you do your thing as a side line, it's okay. As long as you keep at it. But another thing i want to put outhere, one way that i go against is :selling yourself. Don't go against your principles and your philosophy to reach out. It's fine to try new things, but stay true no matter what. Don't get corrupted. If you did sell yourself or if your doing so right now, it's a good time to stop. FMK 2015, We in here!! We have a lot of work on the table, and that's good, because work is important. Older i'm getting, and more i'm understanding the importance of work. I've been a lazy, i'm still lazy at some extend, but that lazyness i'm going to overkill, step by step. Keep up the good work ya'll and stay focus!!


  1. Man I don't see you as lazy, you keep pumping out those dope tracks! It takes a lot of time to make such music. I see that a lot of us just want to have fun, we don't want to work! There's nothing wrong with having fun, that's what life is all about, but at the same time, we need to work a little bit to at least keep us living and well fed. It's great seeing you more active on here.

    1. Thank you man! I'm starting another one when i'm coming back home this Monday. Working while having fun, that's the Way!! I'm happy to be more active on the blog!


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