Sunday, January 4, 2015

Battle Rap Turns Into Fight

Battle Rap Turns Into Fight

Physical violence does not belong in Battle Rap, that is crossing the line.  When a Battle Rapper becomes physically violent, that means he could not handle the pressure, he does not have the mental skill to beat his opponent in Battle rapping, out of anger, he becomes physically violent, he is not an Artist any longer, he becomes a criminal, he becomes an animal. 

In the same way, I see that ground fighting does not belong in the Martial Arts.  Ground fighting is crossing the line.  You should never hit a person that is grounded unless it is for survival purposes on the streets.  Ground fighting should never be endorsed as a form of entertainment.  Ground Fighters are people who cannot handle the pressure of stand up fighting, so they get so angry that they want to tackle their opponent and destroy them with brute force.  Just like the battle rapper that cannot  rap so he results in physical violence to express his anger. 

A great Martial Artist would never have to ground fight anybody, he has gracefulness in his execution of technique, he is like a Mohammed Ali and Mayweather in the boxing ring.  He is like a Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and a Tony Jaa on film.  There is grace and meditation in their expression of combat, it is not anger and rage to completely destroy. 

If a persons intension is to fight with anger and rage to completely destroy, then it is no longer art, it becomes war, it becomes survival.  Then it is like the Police Officer who shoots to kill.  Ground fighters who wish to really ground fight in the streets should be prepared to die, because it is no longer play fighting on the streets, it is the fight for survival which is completely different than what you see in combat sport.  On the street anything goes, as you see in this rap battle, it will never be a fair fight, and notice how many people can be involved in such a fight, notice that anyone in the crowd can be carrying a gun and start shooting at any time, when violence erupts, it is no longer art. 

Traditional Boxing is like Battle Rapping.  It is a game, a vicious game, but not too vicious.  Hitting a grounded opponent in the Boxing ring is crossing the line.  Being physically violent towards a Battle Rapper of whom you are competing with, is crossing the line.  I am encouraging the people to respect the rules of the game.  If you have no respect for rules, then anything goes, and that only happens on the streets, where there is a high risk of real death, then it is no longer art, it become war. 

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