Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jealousy, Anger, Revenge is NOT Love

Jealousy, Anger, Revenge is NOT Love

I am quite aggravated with mass media promoting death, revenge, lust, jealously, possessiveness, control, manipulation, anger, etc. in the name of love.    Love has nothing to do with any of these.  Mass media is teaching you, if your husband has an affair, you must seek revenge.  Infidelity is seen as such a criminal act!  Infidelity is judged to be as worse as murder.  Mass media is teaching you that infidelity deserves the death penalty!  Mass media is teaching you that if your husband or wife “cheats” on you, there is no forgiveness, ever!

Because you wish to be affectionate and loving towards another human being of whom you are attracted to, this is seen as a horrible crime, every movie teaches this mentality.  It is no wonder we live in a society that is mentally sick.  You wonder why that cop killer, shot his girlfriend, chances are its because she was “cheating.”  There was also a famous black couple where the husband killed his wife and then killed himself because she was suspected of “cheating” on him with other celebrities. 

There’s another news article of a man who killed 5 people and himself when his wife left him for a younger man.  This is what is being taught to us in mass media.  If someone “cheats” on you, seek revenge; the person who “cheats” deserves death.  This person of whom you are intimate with, simply is on the pursuit of happiness, this person has found happiness with someone else other than you, to me that is not a crime, that is something natural, it is an extension of positive energy, it is a spreading of love. 

Real love knows no past; real love is moment to moment.  Real love the person shares positive energy to all whom are willing to accept.  Real love is like a Jesus or a Buddha, love is open to all, this then develops into what we call compassion.  Mass media has been destroying the meaning of love for so many centuries that we now think that hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, and murder are love.  These things have nothing to do with love. 

If your partner has found happiness with someone else, either you need to rejoice and share this happiness with your partner or you can be happy for your partner that he or she has found happiness and that it may be the time for you two to separate.  Separate not with anger and hostility, but separate because it was just the right time to separate, separate out of love.  Like a child going off to college.  Like an adult graduating from college.  Like an adult receiving a promotion from another company that has presented greater opportunities of growth.  Like the death of a loved one.  It is a natural separation, a separation with love.

A partner who finds happiness and love with another is either choosing to share his or her positivity and loving energy with another or the partner simply feels it is the right time for you two to separate based on a love separation.  Neither of the two is a negative thing.  It is all positive, it is all filled with love and should be accepted with happiness. 

If I directed a movie, it would go as follows.  Man and woman are in love, having great sex every single day and night.  5 years goes by of blissfulness.  Man or woman ends up meeting someone at work of whom he or she is attracted to, man or woman ends up becoming intimate with this new person, other man or woman finds out, man or woman ends up joining in on the fun!  Or man or woman accepts the separation with love and then ends up finding another great man or woman to enjoy intimacy with until the cycle repeats itself all over again. 

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