Sunday, January 18, 2015

Liam Neeson's Rant About Firearms

Liam Neeson’s Rant About Firearms

I’m not a big fan of this dude, just seen a few of his movies, they were alright but I do respect him for being real with his views on gun control.  He went off in the interview talking about how there are too many guns in America and how too many kids are getting killed in the schools because of gun violence.  I see the truth he is speaking but as I read the comments below, the public was just trashing him, every single person that left a comment was attacking him, not even one did I read was supporting his views. 

That got me to think about how I was being attacked when I was sharing my views against the violence in the cage.  Here you have a man who is speaking against gun violence and then the public goes in outrage.  Similar to me, I am speaking against violence in the cage and the public goes in outrage.  These people in the comment section were telling him to go back to his country and all this and that.  First they love him and then they completely turn against him because he did not say what they wanted him to say.  I give him respect for being honest about it and it is sad how people couldn’t accept his thoughts on the subject. 

As for me, should there be stricter gun control in America?  It doesn’t matter to me either way.  It’s nice to legally be able to have a gun to protect yourself and your family if need be but I do have greater concern that others will be very irresponsible with the handling of firearms.  If people cannot be responsible in driving, drinking, smoking, etc. What makes you think they will be responsible with guns?  But in the same token I see that it is very important that citizens are armed so that the government does not have too much of a monopoly in power, by citizens being armed, power is more equally distributed.  But in a society with individuals that are severely depressed and suicidal, it makes it a very dangerous world to live in.  If more and more irresponsible people are armed who are mentally unstable, it will be smarter to stay away from people and live a more private life. 


  1. I saw few comments on his rant too. I am like damn the public is really ignorant. The guy is a movie star for God's sake. He is playing a role of a gun shooter. He is not really a gun shooter. In fact, the guns he has is not even real! How can I love America if the people in it is stupid as hell?


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