Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ralph Smart video

The video is in the link below. Now I admire Ralph Smart. I connect with him on a deep level. He is not a Martial Artist but his wisdom is that of a real Martial Artist. I agree with the fact that we should let go of everything that separates us. After all, we are all one in the world right? Only, this truth is not realized by everyone. No matter who you are, people are going to find a way to label as something. People love separation. For example, a lot of people consider me black but I see myself more as the Universe's undefinable. I am not a race, nor a nationality. Whatever race and nationality that I am part of is just a role that I am playing in a movie called Life! It is not my real definition and will never be. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. This guy is nice, i've subscribed to his channel a couple of months ago when you spoke about him, i was curious, i went to look and he has very interesting perspectives on life. You right about races and all, we're life, we're universal!

  2. it's been a while since I last watched his videos


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