Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Nature of Relationships

The Nature of Relationships

The nature of relationships is like employment.  The ways of society have dynamically changed when compared to the past.  Rarely do you find individuals employed within a company for many decades of loyalty until retirement.  Individuals are switching jobs constantly, along with that comes the nature of relationships in current society.  People are switching sex partners with high frequency. 

People never vow to stay loyal to a company until death.  But yet marriage attempts to have people vow loyalty towards one another until death.  Which is always a fraudulent vow because of the option of divorce.  And with the high divorce rates, it indicates that there is no such thing as a vow till death, it is all-false.  It is not something that can be calculated and planned, a true vow till death comes naturally through time, it cannot be verbally expressed and promised.  Once verbally expressed and promised, it is already false. 

A true vow of loyalty till death can only occur out of love.  You love something so much that you don’t want to ever leave it until death; it is your life source.  You love water, you need water till death.  You love breathing; you need to breath till death.  You love movement, you will move till death.  You love exercise, you will exercise till death.  You love dancing, you will practice dance until death.  You love riding the bicycle, you will ride your bicycle till death.  You love meditation, you will practice meditation until death.  You love self-employment; you will be self-employed till death.  You love spending time with positive people; you will spend time with positive people till death. 

But love cannot be promised, once promised, it is no longer love.  Love comes naturally; you are naturally drawn towards love.  Attraction comes natural, you cannot be forced to be attracted towards a certain someone, that is why arranged marriages are wrong, attraction cannot be forced.  That is why prostitution is wrong, attraction cannot be forced, attraction has to come natural.  That is why marriage is wrong, you should never be forced to be attracted to your partner till death! 

It is your partner’s responsibility to put in the effort to make you attracted till death.  Your partner needs to put in the effort to treat you right, maintain positivity, and to take care of him or herself to maintain that mutual attraction.  Just like it is your employer’s job to keep you happy with your place of employment in order to gain your loyalty.  But if you are self-employed, now it is your own responsibility to create your own happiness within your chosen profession. 

People switch partners constantly because they don’t know what they want, they don’t know what they love.  If you know what you love, there is no need to switch, loyalty comes naturally, no contracts should ever have to be signed, loyalty comes naturally.  When you walk into a restaurant, there is never a guaranteed loyalty; you never sign a contact to state that you will return until death!  You naturally keep returning to the restaurant because you love the food!  But if the management of the restaurant changes and the food is no longer of quality, if now the food has become poisoned, then you will no longer return, that is natural, you have not vowed to keep returning until the restaurant causes your early death. 

That is like relationship, if your partner is not keeping you happy, if your partner brings misery upon your life, then it will be natural for you to have the desire to separate from this misery.  If you wish for your partner to be with you till death, then it is up to you, you must treat your partner right and you must take care of yourself in order to have your partner stay attracted, it is not so simple as to sign a contract to guarantee love from your partner until death. 

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