Saturday, January 10, 2015

Youtube Trollers Are UFC Fans??? (Or Trollers/haters in general)

I noticed that a lot of the youtube trollers are ufc and/or combat sports fans. These people are not just trolling the martial artists, but they are trolling mostly everyone that are not ufc and/or combat sports fans. When I say not just martial artists on youtube, I mean just regular people that share informations like workout tips, spiritualism, nutrition, health tips, psychology, philosophy, science and any other subjects. Of course people that consider themselves as a (martial artists) that share fighting/self defense tips and eastern philosophy do get trolled or attacked.

SO BASICALLY people that aren't the fans that I mentioned (ufc)  get trolled. Most of these people do not show their faces (do not have pictures, or make videos showing themselves),  they just sit and hide behind the computer screen  and just write/type out negative comments. There are some that do it for fun, and of course there are serious. The serious ones are the ones that get so mad that they just want to hurt the person. The ones that do it for fun I don't think they are ufc fans. I don't see why the serious ones have to get mad at someone's opinion or their demonstration on a certain thing. They don't have to watch or listen to the people that are sharing their opinions or displaying a demonstration.

Examples for what I'm trying to express is, for martial artist on youtube like Master Wong and Jack Mace that share their opinions or provide  demos, they get negative comments from these trollers (or should I say ufc/combat sport fans). Master Wong And Jack Mace didn't even attack or made a hate video on something or someone. They just express their thoughts honestly in a polite manner. (well I'm not really sure about master Wong expression, but I do know that he did not really directly attack anyone, I think people just misunderstood and got offended).

The people are the ones that ask these guys (master wong and jack) for opinions, so what should they expect? an honest a response right? That reminds me of Freddie. People  keep asking him his opinion on MMA and BJJ, and he responded with his honest opinion. Of course the MMA and BJJ fans did not want to hear it, but that's what happened when you ask for an honest opinion.

And lastly an example for non martial artists that provides informations, opinions and demos on other things unrelated to martial arts. An individual that I see is getting negativities from these "trollers/Ufc fans" is  Michael Grubb. (I'm only going to use one example) Michael is an individual that talks (and teach) about reality and/or consciousness.  I believed that he wants to help those that wants to evolve spiritually or have their consciousness expand. He was and I think still is getting hateful messages, from these trolls which they are skeptics. When I say skeptics I'm talking about people not being open minded or not believing Michael's psychokinetic abilities demo, ( I should of just said psychic abilities, but I don't like that term because of social media). The haters/trollers that do want to hurt Michael physically  are the ufc fans. I think if I can remember clearly he said, that one guy approached him face-to-face intended to hurt him, and I think he said that guy was a ufc fan boy.  Michael gave that guy a demo on psychokinesis face to face, to show that there was no tricks and it wasn't fake. The guy was amazed then became his student. (Michael Grubb teaches this stuff, you can go to his website which is He does also encounter skeptics that are not ufc fans, so they must be James Randi's followers.

There are other people that have received negativity as Michael Grubb does, like Teal Swan, spirit science and myself (just for making a video experimenting with telekinesis). We are not hurting anybody.

That goes for some of the FMK supporters (including me) as well. Well I don't know if it's just icybeer and myself? I know there used to be others (FMK supporter) , but I don't know now at this moment.

Well that;s just my opinion on this topic. I'm not 100% sure if the majority of the trollers are ufc fan boys? That's just my assumption.

What are your thoughts on that?


  1. I know that not all are fmk haters but majority are ufc fans

  2. See what I mean? all of these MMA fanboys are mentally unstable. There is no salvation for an MMA fanboy. Funnily enough, none of these scuzbuckets probably never even been inside the cage. They're just good at smacking their chops day & night, instigating corruption & confusion. & I ask again, WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT WATCHING TWO MEN IN PANTIES ROLLING AROUND ON THE GROUND WITH ONE ANOTHER?

  3. Oh actually, I think some people said negative things to me too because I am an FMK supporter. But it's all good, They cannot affect me.


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