Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cop Accidentally Shoots Himself With Gun in Elevator

Cop Accidently Shoots Himself With Gun in Elevator

2 Year Old Shoots and Kills Mom in Walmart

The more people that have guns, the more accidents will occur.  Police Officers are human as well, they make mistakes, and they receive a lot more training than the average citizen.  Imagine the amount of mistakes the average citizen will make when handling firearms.  Handing firearms is serious business.  Driving a car requires much responsibility.  But you see a lot of car deaths every year.  You see a lot of DUI’s.  There are a lot of deaths on the road, but will that mean that we should stop driving cars?  Believe me, I would like for this world to stop driving cars, it would change so many things, I would love it actually, but will it really ever happen no matter how many traffic deaths there are, no, it’s not going to happen.  The technology is here, and its here to stay. 

As far as guns are concerned, guns are never going to disappear from America, if average citizens cannot get a hold of a gun legally, then neither should the criminals, but that is not the case.  You disarm the citizens, but then the criminals still get access to firearms.  You arm the citizens and then they end up accidently killing themselves or accidents happen such as the incidents above.  The problem is that people just don’t know what is good for them, they think they are ready for something that they are not ready for.   What people lack is awareness training, awareness training is meditation.  If these people were aware, these accidents would not occur.  They are treating a deadly weapon as if it is a cell phone, something that you can just handle without great awareness. 

Those who handle firearms need to constantly train their awareness day to day in order to prevent accidents like this.  People want greater rights, but then they don’t demonstrate responsibility with these rights.  Alcohol has become legal for a very long time but people are still very irresponsible with alcohol, that does not mean they will ban alcohol.  The government has found a way to profit off of the people’s negligence.  The government will find a way to profit off of people’s irresponsibility with firearms.  We asked for these rights to bare arms, now we got it, and you see the other problems that become the result.  More guns equals more accidents.  Now we don’t’ even need a criminal to kill us, we either kill ourselves by suicide or by accident.  Responsibility with a firearm, requires great awareness, requires great meditation. 

The more freedom we have, the more responsibility.  If you want the government to take away our freedoms, that means you do not trust your own responsibility or you don’t trust the responsibility of others.  But then comes the question, do you trust the government to be responsible?  You don’t trust yourself, you don’t trust your neighbor, you don’t’ trust the government?  Who do you trust?  The issue at hand is that we all need to become more responsible as people if we wish for more freedom.   If we truly want less government, we need to be responsible ourselves.  

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