Saturday, January 3, 2015

What is Worse Than Death?

What is Worse Than Death?

What is worse than death?  I would say what is worse than death is getting raped by another man.  You see a lot of these mass killers commit suicide right after they go on a killing spree.  They would rather be dead than to be raped in jail.  One of the main motivations of why people do not want to commit crime and end up being in jail is because they don’t want to be raped.  If there was a guarantee that you would not be raped in jail, I believe a lot more men would feel comfortable going to jail, they would have less fear.  There is more fear of being raped than there is in death.  Being raped by another man will destroy your psychology, will destroy your manhood. 

And that is what these cage fighters are acting out, they are playing out the rape scene for your entertainment.  When a man is grounding and pounding another man, he is brutally acting out what he would have to do in order to rape this man.  What this cage fighting is failing to educate the public on is retaliation on the streets.  On the streets, if you try to rape another man on the streets, expect to be killed.  And even if you do succeed on the rape of the man, you better kill him right after the rape, otherwise, expect for him to retaliate and kill you later.  For man to be raped by another man there is no forgiveness, you will be killed.  Just imagine the psychological damage that would be experienced after being raped, it would be worse than death. 

The main issue I have with this cage fighting, is it is encouraging the masses of people to rape.  It is promoting for men to rape each other.  This is not just a regular boxing match, this is crossing the line.  You are tackling this man, mounting this man, beating this man, right before you rape this man.  This is the worse violence that can be expressed against man, not only is it extremely violent, but it is also the most humiliating and disgusting act that can be done against man.  A man would rather die by the gun, to die like an honorable soldier then to be beaten and raped. 

Even mass murders on death row get killed in a more honorable way.  They are killed by lethal injection, they are killed by the electric chair, they are killed by being hanged, even Jesus was killed by being hanged by the cross.   But to rape a man is the worst act that can be done to a man.  Forcing a man to live after being raped is even worse than killing a man after raping him.  Then you force the man to go through the psychological damage and public humiliation of being a man that has been raped. 

The society should never promote men to rape each other, that is the worst thing society can promote.  Worse than promoting men to kill each other by the gun.    The mass promotion of ground fighting is the worst of the worst, right up there with being just as bad as promoting child pornography.  These cage fighters should be shunned by society like how these pedophiles should be shunned.  

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