Saturday, January 3, 2015

Support for FMK

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted here. I see a lot of changes that had occurred in the meantime. The youtube channel is gone, but that not surprising when think about it. The YT is a huge corporation with its own agenda, and as soon as you step on their toes they will shut you down. The freedom of expressing yourself on youtube is an illusion, you have to play with their rules.

I have seen Ryan's videos talking bad things about Freddie, and I feel bad for him. I think he is on the wrong track. I guess the MMA virus has gotten a hold of him. Too bad...

Anyway, I wanted to share my support for Freddie's expression because I believe he stands for what is right in the martial arts. We need more of that. You don't see real representation of the martial arts in today's society. Everything is so corrupted.

Like Freddie, I used to play basketball and dream about playing in the NBA, and that's quite natural when you are bombarded with that kind of propaganda in your childhood. It's when I started reading Tao Te Ching I got a feeling of what the true way is. I got into MMA and combat sports like boxing, wrestling, bjj and muay thai because I wanted to learn martial arts and combat sports are the most accessible. I soon got disillusioned with all that. Also with all those so called traditional martial arts which I consider very corrupted.

I love martial arts, it changed my life greatly, but all the time I felt like I was alone when it comes about the vision of what martial arts ought to be. It's when I saw Freddie's videos on YT I realized that I'm not alone, that there are people who search for the real martial arts even though they are million miles away.

I don't agree on everything what Freddie says and does, but that's quite normal. People are all different and unique, and we can use that to better ourselves and others. When you debate on different subjects in a healthy way that can give you some insight on something that you may never had heard or experienced before. But in my view Freddie is telling the truth, and I also find that his ability to withstand criticism and censorship is also inspiring. So Freddie you have my support!

Also I've decided to dedicate myself to the martial arts even more, partly inspired by Freddie's courage to stand what he believes is right. I think the movies are the best form of expressing the martial arts because you can blend the physicality with the spirituality. There are not too many good martial arts films. Most of them are dumb action films. But when done right, it can be inspirational. Take Jet Li's ''Fearless'' for instance...
Anyway, I will be taking acting classes and I have started writing on my first screenplay. I hope that one day I would be able to express my vision of the martial arts in film. We'll see how it goes. I will work hard at it, that I can promise.

Freddie keep on your journey, and will try to post here when I get some free time.

Thanks guys,



  1. Hey, good luck on your journey

  2. Thank you for the support, it is very much appreciated. I wish you the best in your pursuit towards film. Now that YT is down I plan to primarily use FB as my new outlet of expression to the larger public audiance. When we stay true to the Way, we can keep the martial spirit alive.


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