Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Osho on Boxing

Osho on Boxing

“Why do so many millions of people go on watching boxing matches?  For what?  Two fools beating each other for no reason at all.  If there is any argument, sit down and settle it, negotiate.  But there is no argument, no problem; the problem is only who is more powerful.  That too can be decided in a more human way: just toss a coin and be finished.  But why beat each other and break each other’s bones?  And the noses are bleeding, and the eyes are red, and millions of people are clapping, enjoying somehow a certain identity.”

“There are fans of Muhammad Ali, and there are fans of other Ali’s.  So these two fools are doing their stupidity, and a million fools are there to support and give them the idea that they are doing something important.  I cannot see that in a little bit more enlightened humanity things like boxing can exist.”

“Boxing simply looks so primitive, so ugly, so inhuman; but millions of people…And these are not the only people: millions more will be sitting in front of their televisions, it seems the whole humanity is somehow after power.  So whoever shows some power of any kind: power of money, power of body, power of politics, positions, status, anything, people become impressed.”  - Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” pg. 167

I have been reading Osho books for about 8 years now, and I have yet to come across any of his teachings where he speaks directly about combat sport until now.  What he stated about Boxing is exactly how I feel myself about the issue.  I do not support Boxing in anyway but the society has gotten even sicker.  Now they have something even more brutal, which is cage fighting.  It is sad to say that cage fighting is so sick that it makes Boxing look humane.  Boxing is ugly, but cage fighting is even uglier.  As a society, we are becoming worse.  Cage Fighting as a form of entertainment should have never even been allowed to exist. 

Boxing in itself should have been banned.  I will even go as far as attacking the sport of Football as being a sport that should be banned as well.  All of these sports are detrimental to society.  All of these sports bring out the worse in us as humans.  I do not speak alone on the subject, Osho supports my views against combat sport.  The sages of the East support my views against combat sport.  I speak against cage fighting as number 1, I speak against Boxing as number 2, and I speak against Football as number 3.  All three should be banned.  All three destroys brain cells and deteriorates health.  All three encourage an early death.  All three promote violence within this society. 

I don’t look up to any of these athletes, they are all unintelligent in my eyes, they are not worth admiring.  Animals are more beautiful than these ugly athletes.  Animals have a certain gracefulness in their presence.  Animals are much more physically superior to these ugly athletes.  A cheetah can outrun any of these ugly athletes.  Even a dog can out run any of these ugly athletes.  A lion can destroy these ugly athletes.  A gorilla can destroy these ugly athletes.  There is much more beauty in observing animals in the wild than there ever will be in watching these ugly athletes.  I have no respect for athletes, they mean nothing to me.  They are all ugly, full of ego and pride.  They have no spiritual development within them, if they did, they would not be engaged in any of these sports.  The people of whom I admire are sages, not these ugly athletes. 


  1. I agree. I don't see combat sports doing anything good for society.

  2. Osho supports my views on combat sport as well. These million of fools watching two idiots fighting for no purpose other than ego, pride. I refuse to be a part of that.


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