Monday, January 5, 2015

Dangerous Association

Dangerous Association

“But who has forced you to be part of the commune?  It is your choice.  You were not born in the commune.  It is your choice, and a difficult choice, because by being part of my commune you are going against everybody else around you.  You are taking a risk.  It is dangerous to be part of my commune.  It is dangerous to be in association with me.  You have chosen it.  I don’t covert anybody; I try my best to dissuade you from becoming a sannyasin – what more can I do?  I give you no consolation.” – Osho "The Magic of Self-Respect" pg. 130

That is how I feel about the disciples of my school.  The ways of what I teach, goes against everybody around you.  I am teaching the ways of the East, but we live in the West.  It is dangerous to be in association with me because I speak against the majority.  Courage is needed in order to be a disciple of my school, without courage, there’s no way you can last. You must be prepared to not be accepted, you must be prepared to stand alone to represent the Way.  Jesus, Socrates, MLK, Malcolm X, all died for truth, you must have that type of courage.  You must be prepared to be disliked, the masses will not approve of you because your very being exposes their lies. 

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  1. As of right now Sifu Freddie Lee, I do not care what these clowns think of me. I respect you too much for your dedication towards the martial arts. Thanks to you, I now know what the true meaning of martial arts after being lied to all my life when it comes to said subject. Keep fighting the good fight.


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