Friday, January 2, 2015

Reflecting on 2014, Looking Forwards to 2015!

First of all, happy new year for 2015 to all involved in Freddie's Modern Kung Fu. I look forwards to whatever may come to contribute to the growth of FMK. 2014 was a difficult year. A Malaysian passenger airliner went missing without a trace and another was shot down over Ukraine. A gunman tried to assassinate members of Canada's parliament, and another man claiming Islam and armed with a rifle held people inside a cafe in Sydney hostage for 16 hours before being shot by the police, who were unable to prevent the deaths of 2 of the hostages. A more personal blow was the passing of my beloved dog Grace.

The Freddie's Modern Kung Fu YouTube channel was wrongfully shut down. On the bright side however, Freddie has made a strong new start on Vimeo and some of the videos he has been bringing out lately make me wish I live closer to the Northern hemisphere!

2014 was not the best year. Maybe this is partially why I feel very enthusiastic about 2015. This year I will be doing my last year in secondary school. I predict that it will be very hectic and thus I may not be able to bring out blogs as regally as I did in 2014. I will try to produce good quality in what I do bring out. I might even acquire new knowledge wether it be theoretical or/and practical as I will be starting Tai Chi classes. I have wanted to start Tai Chi for over a year now as I feel it's important to study the Yin in-depth, but I wasn't able to fit it into my weekly timetable. My solution to this is to cut down my Taekwondo hours and substitute it for Tai Chi. I also really like the teacher. He currently has 2 students as he likes to keep classes small for better quality instruction. You can read more about him here:

A big highlight of 2014 for me was meeting Freddie Lee and Steve Caissy on Skype, as well as becoming involved and communicating with everyone on the FMK blog. I joined this blog in June 2014 and have since contributed 47 blogs to this community. It was also a great contribution to myself as my writing ability improved, greatly helping me out in other areas in life (ie school).

This year will hopefully be a great year of physical, mental and spiritual growth for us all. Bring on 2015!!!

Thank you for reading.


  1. Great post, such a great idea to make a post reflecting on 2014 and then seeing a new year with a new beginning wondering what it may bring ahead. I am very thankful that you have become a part of this FMK Blog community, your posts bring much positivity and the energy that is provides helps me to share positive energy through my work. It's exciting to see you having the interest in getting deeper into Tai Chi.

  2. Excellent post. Good luck on your journey towards spiritual uplifting.

    1. Thanks guys! Your comments are really appreciated


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