Sunday, January 25, 2015

FMK is like Music

Have you ever analyze a musical band? If you pay close attention, they play different instrument but they are playing the same song. As for me and Sifu Freddie Lee, we may live somewhere else, we may not look alike. In a way, you can say that we were in the same band even though we played different instrument. The reason I say 'were' is because I am not in FMK anymore due to the fact the online training did not work out too well for FMK. However, my thoughts and his go towards the same thing: The real Martial Arts. We do care about it. I am still training to become a Martial Artist. It may happen or it may never happen but the fact that I take on the journey means a lot. Every time I have a conversation with Freddie Lee, it is like my day is already complete. There is so much harmony to our ways of thinking that I feel like we are creating a beautiful song every time we talk. I do not understand why people close their ears to his speeches but I do not want to. It would be a dream come true if I could get to Chicago and train with the whole school. I do not have to come live there but for at least a week would be amazing. I am aware that some people on Youtube are still thinking that I am kissing Freddie Lee's ass but hey these people did not create me so why should even bother care about what they say? I respect who I want to respect. Even my parents cannot tell me who I should respect so how can they? Nobody is my 'God' so I cannot just be influenced by their negative thoughts. If I let this happen I would disrespect myself and I cannot afford that, especially when I am on the journey to become a Martial Artist.

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  1. We see eye to eye on many things and have a unique connection, this is something that cannot be taught, it comes natural from within, you have the truth within you already and when we communicate, it just helps you to express what you already know.


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